STALLA, Contiues to IMPRESS!

This article about Montreal’s DAVE STALLA [from ST.MARYS], was written by PERRY LEFKO of the TORONTO SUN.

He also writes for CFL Magazine.

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Best hands on the team ? It’s time he begin to prove it. Tonight is a good occasion.

He was the Receiver coach on the Nova Scotia provincial team i played on, in fact Dennis mcphee was head coach too, but Stala is one hell of a guy, he is a rising star in this league.


No it is not :wink: :lol:

Hhhhmmmmm Can't get the image of Marlon Brando yellig up at the balcony out of my head...................."Stallllaaaa.....Stallllaaaaa!

Stala will be a star in this league, great hands as receiver, he holds the ball for field goals and can kick field goals and punts too when needed.

he played great against the ARGOS tonight........I hope he is not too, hurt.

He finished the game and kicked two punts after coming out, so I would imagine he's fine.


wasnt his name spelt Stala the last 6 weeks?

who cares? he catches the ball and is Canadian.

that was me at the game tonight. :wink: :lol: :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

I was not wrong about him!

he was the Montreal player of the game.........and I thought he was gone for the season after he went down for so long.........good thing he is O.K.

Apparently it was just a bad case of cramps. It happened to many players this year in games played in the East (especially in Ottawa).

On Stala rookie season, I wasn't fond of him because he seemed fragile and dropped some easy balls. I guess we should never judge rookies on their first mistakes because they'll all make a couple. Considering that, I'll stop complaining about the balls dropped by Kerry Watkins.... for now. I'll give the guy a longer chance. But Calvillo should stop throwing to him this much.

BTW, speaking of Stala, did you guys know that he is Polish? He's considered a non-import, but he's from Myslenice, Poland.

How come a guy from Poland could become so good at playing football. Do they play football in Poland? Football is not a sport you can practice alone...

I think that the DON’S idea [or offensive coach] had the ARGOS running their butts in the first half with those side line passes…and it seemed to work.

But they can’t do that every game.

I think football is well, I wont say popular in Poland but at least known.
There was a poster from Poland a few months ago who had a link to his Polish CFL site.

Another reason to like Stala, I'm a Polish Canadian

I found it.
From the Who are you thread

lol... three teams, eh? What caliber? Do we know? It must be humiliating not to make the playoffs there! :stuck_out_tongue: