Stala's jokes

How could you not love this guy? He is hilarious!! One of the greats and he is the most humble and down-to-earth receiver I've seen in a while.

His delivery is spot on lol.

Anyone have any good bad jokes to share?? Hopefully Dave will need lots for his camera spots for the rest of the season :wink:

It's Stala's post-joke face that really sells it.

I hope we hear a lot more of his jokes this year. Also, I'd like to someday win at Million-Dollar-Touchdown-to-win. Even if it's just a vacuum.

Wasn't sure what you guys were referring to, but then I found this on the site:

You might or might not like the jokes, but you have to give him a lot of points for not just sitting there when they stick a camera in his face after a big play. Instead of pretending to ignore it, or saying "Hi Mom", I think telling a joke is brilliant. It is also very brave, what if you fumbled the punch line on national TV?

I love it!It’s something fresh as opposed to the usual banter on the camera after a TD.Dave’s jokes are actually so unfunny that it’s funny.Keep up the good work Dave :lol: :thup:

All the years Dave spent in Montreal riding the pines behind the great Cahooooon he should of been right here in his home town with the fans who really love him. But its sure nice he's here now. :thup:

Here's a couple jokes I found that could possibly be used that have a football theme

Why did the football coach go to the bank?
He wanted to get is quarter back

What's the best smelling position on a football team?
Right Guard

What's a personal foul?
Your very own chicken

Sure they're lame but good for television. I did however think the chicken one is kind of funny

With respect, Stala never rode pine behind Cahoon for years. He had a 1000-yard season in 2005, and would have continued to be a starting receiver for the Als had injuries not derailed him. I am super-glad that he's managed to stay injury-free the past few years and rebuild his career in Hamilton. I also love his jokes, because they are flat-out terrible and he knows it and yet he still delivers them with that goofy grin. :smiley:

That's the one he told last night, when they finally came back to him. Good one. And yeah, his face at the end of the jokes is hilarious.

Hope we hear a ton of jokes from him this year.

Corny as his jokes are, it sure beats "Hi Mom" (why does no one ever say "Hi Dad"?)

I'll simply state what some others are thinking:
Somebody has to stop this guy from embarrassing himself, the Ti-Cats and the league any further with his cornball antics. What started out as simply goofy has become increasingly ridiculous and frankly, painful to watch. Like your drunken uncle who gets out of control at the family reunion, Stala needs to drop the man-child hayseed routine from Hee Haw and stick to football ...PLEASE!

Indeed. :smiley:

I think it's a great thing to add to the post touchdown celebration, and the best thing is it doesn't cost us 15 yards. The jokes are a little corny/cheesey, but family friendly. It's all in fun, and I do like it better than the traditional message to family and friends. My kids get a real kick out of these.

We'll need to keep track of the jokes somewhere, hopefully there will be plenty of them.

The first week his joke was: What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.
I believe someone said the joke from last night was: Why did the football coach go to the bank? He wanted to get his quarter back.
In the video he had a preview joke: What is a pirate's favourite letter? Rrrrrr.

Were there others that I missed?

We may have to change his nickname from Sticky to the Joker. With the number of touchdowns he is scoring, he may have to get creative by the end of the year, although I'm afraid there is no shortage of these types of jokes.


Jeeeez you need to learn to laugh a little.... lighten up a bit


Don't care what anyone thinks, I love this guy and his good bad jokes. His delivery is hilarious and as Mr. Young mentioned, full credit for the creativity. The best part is that his celebrations have gotten a lot of great publicity for the CFL. They made CNN and Youtube and people love them. I say keep it up Dave and we're lucky to have this guy for so many reasons. I truly can't see why anyone would want to disrespect Dave after all he does, but to each their own.

Hmm, well I guess one way to avoid this whole "man-child hayseed routine" is to have him stop scoring touchdowns all together. :roll: Of course, one might simply switch channels or not watch at all after he scores, if one chooses - nobody is being forced to watch. If my drunken uncle played the way Stala does or even attempted to tell jokes like him at reunions, I might even like him better.

At any rate, here's to Mr. Stala! :thup:

This just proves he's a "stand-up" kind of guy.

I love that one by Cosby. And typical of new comics to assume no one will notice when they rip off material from the classics. Of course, most of their audiences probably haven't even heard of Cosby, and so they end up getting away with it.

The unintended benefit of asking riddles while on camera is that Stala doubled his time on the broadcast.

After Stala rushed the riddle in, "Why did the coach go to the bank?" TSN broke to a taped interview with Marcel telling us that Stala had asked for a bigger role in the Red Zone. Normally TSN would leave the whole coverage of Stala right there, but crafty sticky Stala has forced them to come back to him for the answer to the riddle. TSN couldn't leave the viewers at home asking "Why?"

Now which receiver doesn't want a bigger role in the red zone? C'mon Marcel, they all want to be the one that gets the TD!

Now I had a great time in box J last night, and the team really heard our support. I think we could have seen a few more replays, especially that final 1 second fumbled ball being knocked out of bounds. That one was invisible from our vantage point. Thank goodness for the video archive so I could get home and see the final play (and replay) and then listen to Stala's riddle. The answer to the groaner is at 14:28 of the first quarter broadcast if you CLICK HERE

Oskee wee wee