Stala's Future

I've noticed that Dave seems to have lost a step or two this year particularly in the 2nd half of the season. His final season stats are down from last season. He never really had tremendous speed but this year he seems quite slow when compared with Thiggy and Williams. With the recent Ti-cat trend of chopping veteran receivers, I wonder if Stala is next on the block. It could be that Daves job is secure because of his non import status. I would love to have him back because of his veteran leadership but who knows what the Cats management will be thinking in the off season.

It's hard to have big receiving stats every game in the Offence

our Offensive Co-ordinator Khari Jones
believes in in which the ball is spread around.

Fortunately for Tiger Cat fans Dave's ego fits in his helmet
much better than Arland Bruce and Maurice Mann's does.

Dave is completely capable of doing very well for a few more years.

He will be taking less poundingin that type of Offence as well, Krisian,

Huh? Did you mean OC Jones?

The correction has been made.

Thanks, for catching that mistake for me quickly, PiCat,

so I could correct it right away and not confuse anyone else. :oops: :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed is that Stala is lining up out wide a lot more in the second half of the season as opposed to the beginning of the season and the majority of his time here in Hamilton where he lined up in the slot. I think this is the biggest reason for his drop in production, but it’s still nice to have his veteran presence and have a guy you can count on to make a big catch on 2nd down.

Given what he is likely like in the locker room and on the sidelines and in practice, Stala can likely contribute more with just his presence than his actual playing skills on the field. He seems to be a positive motivator and a mentor for younger players, something Bruce and Mann may not have been. Also, his non-import status someone else mentioned earlier doesn`t hurt, either

a big reason for that is, if the wideout isn't one of the first reads, often our QB's haven't had the time to get through to that progression. Another thing is, even though Stala has been a bit more "professional" when it comes to keeping his mouth shut in the media (I believe there is some truth to some of the things bruce and mann have said, but agree there were more appropriate ways to handle their situations) it doesn't mean that hes not frustrated in his lack of production. It worries me a bit, that we seem to be getting away from key parts in our offense...and that guys like stala might not stick around after their contracts are up because of the changing of the guard sort of speak. Stala just didn't suddenly lose a step half way through the season, they just stopped throwing him the ball. If you go to games live, you can see open receivers missed all the time. Partly because of the lake of protection from the O-line but also partly to do with play calling. I think some vets feel disrespect when they are used to get to a certain point and then forgotten about when a few rookies show flashes of talent, we have some serious up and coming talent but we cant forget what has brought us here...veteran experience is key especially in the play offs. Don't get me wrong, I know their is only one ball to go around and we have feed everyone sort of speak and can't just ignore the rookie talent...but we cant forget about vets like stala altogether, there has to be a balance there. Call it a hunch that I believe it may come out eventually that Marcel involves himself too much in the running of offense and defense, so much to the point where some people get frustrated that they aren't aloud to just do their job and where players can become frustrated that their respective coordinators aren't able to provide their own systems...its hard to "buy in" that way when the system they are being asked to follow isn't exactly the system that the coordinator wants implemented. I think a little confidence from our head coach to his coordinators would go a long way as far as production goes from our offense and defense. I just fear he has his hands in too many pies sort of speak and it might be affecting the flow on both sides of the ball.

Who doesn't??

Terry Grant?

Cooler 51: Bingo.
MB seems to have a man crush on anyone who is new on the team, or tall. It's not good enough to be a superstar, reliable receiver. You must first be a rookie and second, tall. Let's see how many of these rookies are with the team in a year or two. Remember Prechae Rodriguez.

From what I can gather, part of the problem with "Big Play" Prechae was there was too much play and not enough work. This may have come from too much success too soon. The only new Ticat players (rookies this year and last) who this might apply to are Thigpen, Williams and maybe T Grant. And I suspect that smaller players like these guys already have a good work ethic, as they've had to fight through stereotypes their whole career. The other recent rookies haven't had quite as much success, so they hopefully know they still need to work to stay in the league.

Terry is the slowest on the team at the moment. :frowning:

:lol: I was going to add "before his injury", but felt it was understood. Should have known. :wink:
Terry is the slowest on the team at the moment. :(
:lol: I was going to add "before his injury", but felt it was understood. Should have known. :wink:
yes, you should have. :wink:

Cooler51 - I don't read Marcel that way at all. If Marcel was really involved with Jones and Chamblin you would think he would show some sign of life on the sidelines. Very rarely have I watched Marcel actually challenge Jones, Chamblin or any of the players during a game. The only time I recall Marcel getting pissed at a player was Jiminez cheap shot on a BC defender. I don't believe Marcel is a control freak at all. Just my opinion...............A nice guy with great intentions, but that's it.


Stala has never been the fastest receiver on the team, but on second down his hands are usually like velcro and he's proven to be pretty good at getting to the first down marker. He's the possession man on the offense.

You need speed, but you also need "sticky".

Right on, how many times has Dave saved our bacon with second and long Dave's got the surest set of hands in the league. :thup:

Yeah but I remember reading an interview with Glenn a while back and he mentioned how the players always poke fun at Stala for his YAC Yards.

Dave learned under one of the greatest in league history CahOOOOooon. :thup:

well if we need 2 yds for a first down and Stala nabs 2 yds, that's good enough for me. :slight_smile: