Stala's First TD Catch in Eastern Semi-Final

I have been to many games at Ivor Wynne Stadium over a number of decades and that first touchdown catch by Dave Stala today is one of the best I have ever seen. He almost seemed to jump out of his own skin to make the grab. The fans were absolutely thrilled by it. Thanks for the TSN highlight, Dave!

:rockin: An outstanding Cahoon imitation! And, maybe lost is Stala's great effort, was how good a throw it was to an "interception-free" area just into the endzone.

That was a very impressive catch, and I know that I am going to like seeing that when it is posted as one of the plays of the game on Ticats TV. It was great to see him get two TDs that game, he must have enjoyed playing in that playoff game right there in his hometown.

Many of us did not think much of the Stala signing when it happened. It seemed his career was over. But it turned out being one of the best signings of the off-season. Congrats to the Cathedral graduate on a great year.

I would also like to acknowledge the play of Chris Bauman today. On many 2nd and longs, he was the receiver who caught the ball and converted. He also recovered Drisan James fumble in the red zone. If Chris continues to play like this, he will be up there with the like of Fantuz and Jackson.

Stala was just pure ownage in the endzone today.Definitely a N/I that we wanna hang onto for as long as possible.

Those comparisons might be a bit premature, but Bauman had a good game today. It was nice to see him make such a clutch play to extend out final drive of regulation time.

It kinda reminded me of Flutie's TD in 1999. Except that Stala cheated - he used TWO hands to make the play... lol

Absolutely sensation catch! No wonder his nickname is "Sticky". I also think Kevin Glenn came through huge in the fourth quarter. I am looking forward to 2010 and can hardly wait for the new stadium to get started. Being a Ti-Cat fan is going to be great in the next few years.