I think we should use Stala more. I think he only had one catch...a nice one for a first down I believe. Sticky is Mr. 2nd down conversion...let's get him the ball more.

There are already at least 3 other threads about Stala and why he isn't getting the ball much this season.

I was referring to the last game, where he only had one catch.

The highest Dave has been all season (even with injuries to others when he was healthy) is the 5th receiver. Before SG's injury he was 6th or 7th.

He has the role he earned in camp. He was in the same spot before his own injury.

Practice doesn't tell the whole story. I think he's demonstrated his ability to be a clutch receiver under game pressure. I would feel more confident in going to battle with him over SG. I've only seen him on TV so can't vouch for whether he's been open or not...anyone else been to games he's been in to comment?

SG is the teams one true deep threat. Every team needs one. Hence the lack of deep balls and ability to stretch the field in BC last weekend.

SG's speed is the main reason he got a solid 3 year shot at the NFL. Him just being on the field demands deep threat respect by the D.

My prediction for Stala is that this is most likely his final season here.Next year he will be left unprotected in the draft and could wind up as a REDBLACK in the expansion draft.The Ottawa team will in most likelihood be a young squad and will lean on Stala for a veteran presence in the locker room as well as a leadership role in their inaugural season.I can't really see Dave being a Ti-Cat beyond this season.He's been used sparingly this season,and it looks like the writings on the wall for him as a Cat.

Right. Then on his new team in 2014 he will finish the season with 75 catches and 800 yards.

That could very possibly happen next year,ya never know,tis quite possible though.

You know, I kinda hope he does.