I recognize his enthusiasm in his first start of the year but he needs to avoid the offsides and the careless fumbles.

He does not play special teams ... the Head Coach is no nonsense (see the way he "addressed" Giguere when he came to the sidelines after not hustling early in the game?)

Hamilton product or not, Cortez will have no problem making him a healthy scratch (or a worse fate) if he keeps it up.

I guess that blatant offside by Geroy Simon is going to get him benched too?

As for the fumble, that was a lucky hit on the elbow just as Stala was moving to tuck the ball with both hands. Happens to the best running backs and receivers occasionally. If he had fumbled two or three times, maybe there would be cause for concern.

Never ceases to amaze me how people around here get on a guy who was one of our most reliable receivers last season. As mentioned, that fumble was a total fluke and we are lucky Dave wasn't injured on the landing. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes so let's cut him a little break. He's not the only one who has gone offside. I don't care if he's from Mars, he didn't get the nickname "second down Stala" for nothing.


Speed and/or size seem to be the determining factors, among the receivers, when it comes to who starts. BUT, so far, we're not making any use of that speed, at least before the catch. So, IMHO, until the day comes when that changes, Stala should be ahead of NIP Giguere, and even IMP B. Grant on depth chart of starters. The only one to top Stala in receiving @ B.C. was our RB.

6 catches, 96 yards, longest catch went for 22 yards

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

BC was playing zone, SK was playing man. Different concepts to plan against.

Point well taken, but my point is that in neither game was our speed used to advantage before the catch.

How about the Williams bomb that was called back for holding against SK? But I agree with your point in principle: put the ball up once in a while and give your playmakers a chance to make plays.

And that's more catches than anyone else on the team had that game. And with exception to Walker, that's more rec. yards than anyone else on the team had, as you can see here:

I should also mention that I only remember him taking only one offside penalty, and you can see that for yourself if you read through the play-by-play of the game here: ... m_id=26300

I just thought I'd point that out to anyone who seriously thinks Stala could be a backup again, let alone a healthy scratch, although CFO, Banshee, and 2EZ already beat me to making good points on this.

I thought Stala had a very good game.

Not sure why Farhan Lalji seem so fixated on his offside and fumble. The off side was declined, so it was a moot point.

And the fumble is just one of those things, not an overly careless play at all.

I loved the way (I think it was) Chris Schultz pointed out how far down filed Stala ran to throw a block which allowed Walker to get his 95 yard TD ( Also noticed Giguere throw a nice block on that play too)

He should have a few more productive seasons left in him. Come fumble and he's done? Rembember how bad Morrealie was with his dropsies and numerous fumbles.... but still hung on for a few more years until he was released.

When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was gonna be praise for Stala. Honestly what game were you watching? One off-side. Big deal. All of the best receivers do that every once in a while. As for the fumble, who cares as I was more concerned with the hit he sustained and awkward landing on his head. He could have seriously hurt his neck. After that he was still able to rack up 90+ yards for the evening. Stala needs to play. Period.

Brian Bratton had a fumble and a drop in the Winnipeg game but still turned in a strong performance. Stala's a quality player, he'll shake off those mistakes.

So far I don’t think the play calling for our Canadian Airforce has been that good look at Fantuz and his numbers , Stala is just a Decoy so far this season it’s been all Williams so far …

Im just glad he isn't sitting on his helmet on the sidelines anymore. Although he is one of my favorite players and he has my total admiration and respect, i always disagreed with it. Its unsportsman like in my books. Just ask Matt Dunigan, he gave his 2 cents about it last year.