Stala Underused

When is Cortez gonna realize the value of Stala? He has been used only sparingly this year to make room for Fantuz and Giguere. Unfortunately Fantuz has not performed to the level he did all those years in Saskatchewan and seems to be a completely different player since he returned from his NFL tryout. Giguere on the other hand has been a total bust. The guys name was not even mentioned during the Labour Day game and has no business taking the first team reps. Why the hell did Cortez give Stala's roster spot to Giguere? After 3 and a half years Stala has proven over and over that when you need a key game saving 1st down or TD, he's the one you throw the ball to with almost guaranteed success. Again he proved that in this game with a nice 32 yard over the shoulder catch and the 2 point convert grab that brought Ivor Wynne to it's feet for an ovation. A veteran leader like that and still a lot left in the tank sitting on the bench most of the time. Stala not being used properly this year is an absolute disgrace on the coaching staff.

valid arguments Krisiun.
IMO, Giguere should backup to Stala until such a time that Sammy is considered a full fledged CFL starter. (if ever)
At the moment, he needs to sit out and learn from one of the best.

....and once again.

The amount of drops and lack of effort by guys like Grant, Fantuz and Giguere yet Stala sits on the bench. I lost count of how many drive killing drops there were by those guys. Stala on the other hand fights off two receivers and come up with a great catch then Cortez continues to use him sparingly.

It's not like a change like that would completely turn around and salvage this woeful season but it does show the lack of vision by Cortez as a whole and his ability to assess what's required to win.


Stala and Charbonneau-Campeau should both start ahead of Giguere.

C-C showed more in one small portion of a game, with three good catches, than Giguere has shown in 10 games.

Stala made his point again today. If Cortez didn't see it, the man is totally hopeless as a HC. Game in, game out no one but Stala has performed consistently well.

And to think these receivers were going to be one of the team's strengths this year is just a sad joke now.

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Cobourne too, yet Walker starts.

There are many, many questionable rosters decisions by Cortez but definitely using Stala sparingly and having Cobourne on the bench for most of the season are the most glaring examples. All of these types of decisions by Cortez add up to his current win/loss record of 3-7.

Stala should start over Fantuz, Giguere, Grant, Jones, or Kelly....

He and Cortez MUST have issues.

Wonder what those issues might be?

The issues are that Cortez looks at his list of available receivers, who on paper at least look phenomenal, and is selecting the “big hype” guys to be on the field. Cortez is blinded by their speed, height and in the case of Fantuz his previous output and reputation. Most of these guys have been a major disappointment so far. Stala might not have the speed of the others but on the other hand has heart, determination, reliability, a veteran presence and most of all makes great catches. Similar attributes as Cobourne who is also not being used enough. But I guess Cortez is oblivious to these intangibles.