Stala signs with Montreal

Stala as a fifth receiver used with Richardson,Green,Carter and Bruce should be effective. I don't think the Als are looking at him as a go to guy.

I see this possibly as a move to allow them to start a non-import receiver. Without two starter-capable (or at least near-starter-capable) non-import receivers, they weren't able to do this in the past. With Deslaurier and Stala on the roster, they would be able to start one, freeing up an import spot somewhere else. Is the all-Canadian o-line era coming to an end in Montreal? Are they worried that Bourke may sign elsewhere?

I would've bet money on Stala being signed by the Checkerboards and reuniting with Glenn and Hage,to me it just seemed like a better fit and more likely scenario than the Al's. I really can't see Stala getting anymore playing time than he did here last year with the Al's next year.IMO Davey would've had a much greater impact in Ottawa and a better chance at starting once again on an expansion team than an established team with a set group of veteran receivers ahead of him in the rotation.You never know though,Stala might still wind up as a RB if he gets released in training camp by the Al's or if things don't work out for him in Mtl.

Really we only would be in trouble if both Bourke an Emry signed elsewhere and some of us fans are concerned that the circus going on with the coaching issues could cause issues but it is too early to tell, when you look around the league the Als have signed and extended more guys than any other team so far this off season. As for the Stala signing I think it has more to do with Deslauriers awful play. Stala is an experienced receiver who knows how to find a soft spot in defenses, he's hardly played the last couple years so he says his body is feeling younger than his age. I like Dave he's one of those players that bridges players from different backgrounds and will always work hard.

I agree, he had calls from five teams, one of which was Ottawa and he chose Montreal. I guess his wife is a Montrealer and he still has a lot of friends on the team. Probably plans to settle in Montreal for good.

That would be a great move for the fans wouldn't it? Start Stala, a rather slow-footed, well-past-his-prime back-up receiver or Deslauriers who has done next to nothing as an Alouette receiver over SEVEN years and who wouldn't get a sniff at a CFL roster without his Canadian passport. All of this to "free up" a spot for a more talented import player elsewhere.
At some point, I hope the CFL realizes how counter-productive the non-import rule has become and how it prevents the league from reaching anywhere near its full potential and prevents fans from being entertained, as they deserve, by the best available players, regardless of country of origin.

Cahoon was THE slowest receiver in the CFL, it didn't prevent from becoming the best 2nd down conversion receiver in the history of the league. I don't know what Stala has left but your comments don't make sense to me.

There is a thread for the Pros and Cons of the Import rule on the 1st page at the moment