Stala signs with Montreal that didnt take long. Good Luck Dave :cowboy:

Glad he caught on with another team that wasn't the Arblows.

new link first one didnt seem to work :cowboy:

And I hope he has several stellar seasons including games where he embarrasses league defences.



That didn't take long for Montreal to grab Stala, they knew how good a receiver he is and what he brings to the team and community, all the best to Dave in Montreal and glad to see he is given the opportunity to play and compete in the CFL and back with his original team that signed him in Montreal.

Thanks Dave for your contributions to the Tiger-Cats and great watching you play here and look forward to watching you in Montreal.

Wow!!!!! That didn't take long,what was he,unemployed for what,24 hrs????? Looks like Davey is going to finish where he started.The only thing about it is though is let's hope that Stala doesn't come back to haunt us and hopefully "Sticky"
doesn't stick it to the Cats next year when we play the Alouettes.

I bet no one thought you would see him in this uniform again!!!!!!

I thought for sure,that #88 would've reunited in Ottawa with #15 and #62.

Our loss.

Maybe this deal was already in the works when Dave was released, happened kind of fast. I think the Als kicked themselves for a long time when they released him. He is now a sticky Al :wink:

Respect :thup: so many Ex Cats have done well after leaving our team and I hope Dave is also one of them :smiley: Happy for him!

I enjoyed Stala's time in Hamilton but i think he's done. He caught 10 passes last year for 140 yards. If he makes the Als, it says more about their receiving corps than it does about Stala.

An Argo-Cat fan

He started what ? Four games ? Three ?

Or it speaks to the lack of NIs in the CFL. The number of NIs is increasing next season and teams are scrambling to fill their rosters, they may not throw to the guy or use him much but he fills one of them roster spots.

Stala will get the ball when he has to. Speaking as a als fan hopefully this is the last we see of Eric Deslauriers. Stala will be a big brother to the younger receivers like Duron Carter and Brandon London.

Yes, CFL teams will need to lower the standard a little further on non-import talent level simply to fill the mandated roster positions. The end result is a decline in the quality of the on-field product. You can’t provide a more entertaining product using less-talented players but the CFL doesn’t seem to realize it - or care.

Although I believe the general consensus is that the quality of university football in Canada and high school, is better than ever. So in that case, the NI's at this point in time should be the best they've ever been. Unless we are speaking about CFL teams not being able to sign guys out of university programs in either country that are NI's because they want to immediately get on with another career or bide their time working out, not signing a CFL contract in case the NFL comes knocking?

So I'm a bit confused here… :?

It's been reported that the Ticats tried to trade him since before Christmas.

It should be no shock that he signed quite quickly, because "why would they trade for him, when they can just sign him when he is released, without giving anything else up"?

I wish him well. :thup:

Barney: If they don’t throw the ball to him it’s pretty hard to rack up the stats and score TD’s. George Cortez was rebuilding the team for the future and thought he did not need Stala. Kent Austin doesn’t see him as part of the future either and has only used him sparingly.
I think Stala has a couple of more productive years left in him yet and by that time he will be ready to retire …or Montreal will be ready to retire him. For the short term, Montreal will have a solid and reliable receiver.
Good to see Dave Stala get his wish to continue playing. :thup:

Smith to Sticky :rockin: TD :thup:

mr62cats, i'd love to see Stala pull off a Geroy Simon but i don't think it's going to happen. I'm glad Stala will be given a chance to make the Als. But from the Als' perspective, if a 34 year old receiver with ten catches in 2013 represents an upgrade, i'd be concerned. For sure Stala brings commitment, leadership, and a strong work ethic to a team but he has to be able to deliver on the field.

Still, Popp is as astute a GM as there is so maybe he sees things i don't. Actually, i hope he's right.

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