Stala Reminds me Of Morrealle

2 hometown boys willing to go over the middle And make the catch I think we will see alot of that on sunday

From that other league, he reminds me of Wes Welker (I'm a Pats fan). But I sure like the way he plays, classic style. :thup:

Darren Flutie and Andrew Grigg also, with a touch of Rocky DiPietro for good measure :smiley:

(ahhhhh, the memories eh?)

now were talking!

Except that Stala has soft hands and doesn't fumble...other than that, ya they are both from Hamilton.

Stala doesn't carry the ball like a loaf of bread.

no and when the ball touches his hands he catchs just like mike use to do

True, however Stala holds on to the ball better.


Darren Flutie maybe but he’s not really like Morreale or Grigg at all. He’s smaller quicker and more technically sound a receiver than them.

Me too but the only difference is that Stala catches the ball every time. Not 6 out 10 passes, he catches 9 out of 10. I like Morrealle don't get me wrong. Stala has better hands and is a little quicker off the line.....

Morrealle was a great player people! He won Most Outstanding Canadian....remember!?

Morreale dropped several passes, fumbled too often and played for the Argos.

Stala is better.

By far.

Hes not there yet. Sorry.

He has the skills and the talent to have a better career but Mike accomplished a lot in his 12 years. Stala has played 6 years (Half), 2007 had only 2 5 really, and really had only one good season before this one. Talk to me in 5 years and after hes proven himself time and time again in the playoffs.

Morealle carries a great sentiment amongst Cats fans but we have to be honest here... Stala is 200% more sound in securing the ball and making positive contributions to the offense.. I haven't seen him fumble or so much as put the ball in a precarious siuation ever... The same can not be said for Morealle.

I think we need to compare some statistics between the two and see where they really stand.. subjectively, I'd put Stala over Morealle in my starting lineup.

If you take out Stala's last 2 seasons where is caught a total of 2 for 20 yards...he's been a starter for 3 seasons. Mike was a starter for 7.

Theres no comparison right now... its like comparing Cobb to Troy Davis. Cant do it yet. The raw talent might be there, the potential may be there, but you cant compare. People tend to forget that this only Dave's 3rd season as a starter.

As far as skills go, Stala's had 1 great season and this current one which is a very good season... I could easily make the argument that more solid seasons than Dave has, and thats not fair either as Stala is still relatively young and has a few years left in him.

I'd personally like to see Stala signed to a multi-year contract with us.

DAVE STALA for Prime Minister.........

Stala reminds me of Danny Mcmanus everytime he runs with a football.

Man a turtle can run faster then Danny Mac. Stala may not have blazing speed but he's got incredible hands.

Stala had the misfortune of playing on a team stacked with all star receivers especially Cahoon and an all NI O line. There was never any question regarding his ability, but he had major foot problems. He also developed a bad case of the dropsies probably due to a rib injury.

Glad to see him find a home, met him more than a few times and you couldnt find a nicer guy.