Stala on the 9 Game

Spectator is reporting Stala is starting the season on the 9 Game with a Knee injury

Ah not the way to start a season that's too bad? We wish as I'm sure all Cat Fans do that Dave has a speedy recovery and hopefully not too bad a knee injury! We look forward to more of those highlight reel catches Dave!


So many times over the years Tiger cat quarterbacks have had those "sticky" hands to rely on in critical second down and touchdown plays.

He will be missed. Hopefully, not too much.

Stala's loss will certainly be felt. Lets just hope that after sitting out 9 games, he can still come back at his age.

I think he will. Good luck Dave!

Im going to predict that we see Bowman come off the 9-game before Stala does.

8) It's pretty obvious that Austins offence requires very fast and quick receivers, and that is something that Stala doesn't
  posses anymore.

   Whether or not this knee injury is legit, it is at least one way of keeping a favourite home town player with the team
    for now, anyway.

     Public relations wise, it wouldn't be a popular choice fan wise to release Dave, and he is good insurance in case of an
     injury to a NIP receiver down the road.

I'm afraid that I see this as a way to keep Stala round longer as well. I like the guy's play and he's a great in the community but his days with the team may be winding down.

The fact he still produces and is also trained as a kicker incase worse comes to worse also helps keeping him.

I don’t think it’s a PR move at all. I see it as purely a roster move to keep a good but aging receiver without paying for against the SMS and without giving a rival team a chance to scoop him up. It’s a standard GM practice and a good one. Hide Stala on the LTIR; if injuries force your hand, use one of your ‘freebies’ bring him off early.

If the sitch were to arise and Congi goes down, Bartels hoofing history might be handy. Punting is always harder to learn and to master than kicking. Coach Osbaldiston et al. probably have made bartel kick a couple in practise for a contingency plan.

I hope to see my favourite Cathedral product back on the field soon!