Stala... not Ticats most Outstanding Canuck?

Looking over the Ticats nominees for player awards and noticed... Dave Stala was not nominated for Outstanding Canadian on the Ticats. Not taking anything away from Marwan Hage, he's great. But Stala has brought so much to the Ticats this year, it seems like he deserves it. I agree with all the others (glad the under-the-radar Knowlton got the nod over Floyd or Johnson).

What do you think?

I think Most outstanding OL was good enough for Hage.
Top Canadian definitely belonged to Barker or Stala. Or even Matt Kirk. Rip off.

The fans know that Hage can’t hold a candle to Stala.

Stalla should have been top Canadian
I think Hudson was just as good as Marwan for Lineman

stala should have it hands down.... who picked hage? .....

look a that the numbers... look at the clutch catches... look at the character stala has brought to the team

tony di pietro with a hint of polish sausage...

and like peter della riva from years gone by.. another hamilton boy ....

sorry marwan :thdn: ... but this buds for dave./ :cowboy:

Stala could've been but he wasn't used enough. He should've been featured more prominently in the Cats offensive schemes but he wasn't. I'm ok with Hage.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am not okay with Hage. He just doesn't stand out to me.

With Stala, he was invisible for the first half of the season, to be honest. His number are good but imagine if he was used more earlier?

That being said, I don't know who I would really pick for Canadian

No question it should be Stala but like others have said, he was not used properly in the first half of the season.

Hage?Hage is the worst Centre in the League...

It should have been Stala for Outstanding Canadian AND Comeback Player of the Year.

You couldn't be more wrong. You could try but you would fail.

Both are good choices, and have no problem with Hage being selected.

Hage isn't a terrible Centre...except for his shotgun snaps...which are the worst in the league and with that I include high school.

BUT... he was not our best lineman and was not our best Canadian. Stala was.

Hage is not even Canadian. He's not American, which makes him a non-import...but he's not a Canadian.

grunt grunt.. ugh ugh.. snort snort..

Your fingers look scraped, hendy77. Did you walk here?

Hage is a Canadian citizen you ass. Just because he isn't white doesn't make a bit of difference.

In the final analysis, Canadians are just immigrants with seniority.

Well said my friend. :slight_smile:

If Glenn had of been given the starting role earlier, Stala's numbers (actually all of our receivers' numbers) would have been much higher. Bruce would probably be leading the league.

I must be spending too much time on this board. I knew what your comment was going to be the second I saw your username pop up on this thread.

hendy77, one doesn't have to be born here to be a Canadian .

This comes from this very site.

Born September 14, 1981 in Beirut, Lebanon…the Hage family moved to Montreal
from his native Beirut, Lebanon, in 1990, fleeing a war-torn neighbourhood…

attended Vanier Prep for one semester (fall 1999),
and played high school football at Sun Youth High,

as his own high school, Mont de La Salle, did not have a team…

as a senior, he earned first-team Team Canada,
Team Quebec and Quebec all-star honours…

he earned first-team Team Canada and Team Quebec accolades,
and was the youngest member on the Team Quebec squad as a junior…

was a four-time most valuable player in the Quebec All-Star game…

Now back on topic

Drew Edwards The Scratching Post

The awards were voted on by seven local media members. (Me, Milton, Radley, and four from CHML).

I thought coach had a vote but he told me this afternoon
that he didn't receive anything from the league

and therefore didn't vote.

Basically these guys are fans like ourselves.

Is there another set of player awards in these categories
based on players voting for the players on other teams?

hmmm not sure what that means but there is no question that Stala has seen the ball a lot more in the last couple of games. With the exception of one game I can remember earlier in the year, we did not use Stala near as much as we should have. That probably accounts for him being overlooked as most valuable Cdn. Now that the QB is going to him more he becomes one of our go-to guys. It's hard to look good when you only get one or two passes thrown your way all game. When the team is marching up and down the field getting first downs, wracking up 400 plus yards of offence, receivers tend to get into the game and their stats go up significantly. For the past three or four years, it's been suicide for most receivers to play in Hamilton. Not anymore though. :rockin: