Stala named Canadian Player of the Week

Way to go, Sticky. Well deserved.

Well deserved indeed! Congrats Dave!

From Lefko's weekly recap:

STALA'S TOUCHDOWNS: Ticats' slotback Dave Stala has been creating quite a sensation, starting last year with his touchdown celebrations. It was curious that on the second of his two touchdowns against Montreal, he practically slowed down to a walk just before crossing the goal line and falling down without being touched. Is that taunting the opposition?

Not sure if Stala has a nickname, but I'll give him one: Sticky. The ball just seems to stick to his hands.

Great suggestion! (Is he kidding? Does he even watch the games?)

Love how this guy plays the game!

Lmao Lefko kills me.


Congratulations to Dave, well deserved.

Great article about Stala here on

Saw that and commented on it on the Sportsnet site. I'm sure he'll think that he invented the nickname the next time he hears it. :roll:

Saw your comment there. Good on ya. Will he believe it, though?

Congrats Dave!
Montreal fans go cross-eyed with the mention of Stala!
Best reciever we've had since Flutie.

Don't forget Morreale too, I remember a game in Montreal a few years ago and McManus must have hit him at least 10 times. The Montreal fans behind me were shouting they were sick of hearing the announcer say "pass complet à Morreale" "tabernaque"!! (french swear word)

I'm really happy for Sticky's award. Well deserved sir!

I was wondering though, why nothing was said of honourable mention for the Offensive Player of the Week? Chad Kackert was a deserving winner in my mind with his running against what was then the best run defence in the league (possibly still is?). Stala had similar production numbers via the air (including two TD's) and his team actually won the game.