Stala, Glenn take time to cheer up very sick Stoney Cr. teen

I must admit that I passed "almost" on that one. Seeing Dave so intense and focussed was really touching. I know Jake was on my mind as I'm sure he was on the minds of the team.

Earl, only a true slimeball could doubt the sincerity of Kevin and Dave through this horrible time. Did they ever think that it may have been HIS family that spoke to the Spec and not the Ticats??

I can say I was actually hoping the Cats would win this one for Jake even more than for myself.

Earl some people really have no clue.

How would this market the team when there are no more home games this season? If it had come out shortly before season tickets went on sale to the general public then it may have been a marketing ploy. But I wouldn't even buy that argument as the Ticats are too classy an organization to use this as an emotional lure to attract new fans.

I really feel sorry for the poster. I imagine he lives in Mom's basement and seldom sees the light of day. We are so fortunate for this if nothing else.

Thanks for posting that. It's good to know the community is behind him.

Just as an update, on TSN I was watching the post game videos and MB gave the "gameball" to Stala to get signed by the team and given to Jake. Very classy.

I hope the Ticats can get another gameball next week for Jake.

Just watched that catch from last week on tsn REPLAY and MB calling up DS to get the game ball signed for jake an inspiration for our our team and all our fans GO CATS GO!

YOU ARE GOING DOWN :thup: :rockin:

I'm sure the guys will be thinking of Jake again today when they hit the field.

Let's go get him another game ball

Saw it on TSN as well, great piece.