Stala, Glenn take time to cheer up very sick Stoney Cr. teen

Great Story in The Spec written by Scott Radley :thup:

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That was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever read. Good for Stala and Glenn for taking that time with him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

poor kid.
Terrible terrible disease.
A couple members of my family had different forms of sarcomas/carcinomas and I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.

Kudos to Glenn and Stala for their well wishes and support for this brave teen.

all the best to him. :thup:

Incredibly sad. I would like to see the Cats pull off a win in Montreal just for him. Any amount of happiness or joy would ease his suffering. :frowning:

It really was a heartbreaking story! Way to go Jake and family for being so brave!!! And to Dave and Kevin, you have my admiration and respect. When I get home, i will be giving my family an extra long hug.

How about it eveyone who is headed to Montreal this weekend, wear a yellow ribbon, make up a sign and cheer extra loud and show them we are in it for an extra special reason!! We'll be thinking of you Jake! God Bless.......

I had trouble finishing this, definitely some touching stuff.

I hope our city politicians read this story and that in doing so, come to realize what they almost threw away

due to their failure to make a timely and intelligent decision on our new stadium. I'm grateful that we will

have an Ivor Wynne rebuild, but we could have had a lot more if our city fathers were on the ball.

In terms of the story of this extremely brave teenager, I can only wish him God Speed and impart my profound

thanks to Dave Stalla and Kevin Glen for their kindness and generosity to this boy and his family.

Many Ticats, past and present have been involved in similar humanitarian deeds, and to think we came within a

whisker of losing our team continues to leave me totally perplexed.

A very strong spirit in this fine young man and great courage to keep smiling through this tough tough fight.

A kind and wonderful gesture on the part of these two great Tiger Cats and men to extend to Jacob and his family.

Reading this article puts the game and life into clear perspective.

My cousin's son died of Ewing's sarcoma at age 20 after battling it off and on for 6 years. Awful and heartbreaking in every way imaginable.

I am so proud of the players who took the time to show their kindness to a suffering young man. That sort of humanity transcends any game.

What a very sad story that was.

And it was good of Glenn and Stala to do what they did for Jake Rayner.

My only surprise is that the story was in the paper.

Most CFL players are great people and do an enormous amount of work behind the scenes in the community that is never publicized. I for one am not surprised at all that it did happen. It is an affirmation of one of the reasons I am, and always will be, a CFL fan.

(seldom used) :thup: :thup: :thup:

Oskee Wee Wee to Dave and Kevin (two fine gentlemen)! :rockin:


Both these guys are putting on a show for this brave young fellow..... great job guys.. a great story too

When Stala said that TD was for Jake, I almost got tears in my eyes. I'm sure Jake Rayner was watching.


What is sad is that a Ticat hater marked this up to marketing as a comment in The Spec. Rather than concentrating on the reality of the situation. Sad.

Screw them Earl.... clueless and classless go hand in hand!

Agree Half.

And Jake, I believe that WIN was for you as well!

I've actually known Jake for a long time, use to play football with him and then went to high school with him. It is so touching that Kevin and Dave would take time out for Jake and hearing stala dedicate his touchdown to Jake today was truly amazing. It's been tough for everyone at school dealing with jakes illness but the whole ccommunity is behind him. Jake is one of the bravest kids I know and it is an honour to be one of his friends.

Stay strong Jake

The Hamilton community is made up of some of the best Canadians in the country. Dave Stala is just another example of this. His emotional response and shout out to Jake was awesome. The amazing thing about the human psyche when battling this terrible disease is there is power in love and support. The gesture from Dave could quite possibley help Jake and give him strength. I hope and pray is does, God bless Dave, Jake and his family.