Stala et al

Just remembered......Rudy Florio, went to high school with his sister.

How about John "Gigi" Couture, punt returner for Als when there was no blocking

Saul Zemaitis from Cathedral, a running back I believe who went to college with Chalupka and Wesolowski,

Also Ti-Cat and CFL stints by Paul Whaley, Ernie Palango, Mike Walker (running back) and short career due to knee injury for HCI's George Milosevic, who played an Cornell with NFL star/actor Ed Marinaro

Obie Spanic also

I suggest the team...specifically the MRX "team", put a list together under the Fanzone Tab with a list of each of the players from Hamilton and their schools.

That would be a nice tribute to the boys. Plus, it was great seeing (and remembering) the names of of all the members...even from the Blew team.

Rocco Romano
Boyko brothers ..One for sure
Lou Cafazzo

How about Larry Jusdanis, QB when Dunigan went down...runs the SST program that Cats use and may have some connection to Players Paradise where the Cats practice on bad days

Bruce Dixon - Glendale H.S.

Ed Szpytma, Ian Sunter (Burlington), Ryan Moore, Tony Marrone (mayoral candidate), John Kinch,, Tom Kudaba, Nick Jambrozic, Steve Hmiel, John Cimba to add a few more