Stala et al

Dave Stala, being one of the boys from Hamilton, got me thinking about how many Hamilton born players actually played For the Ticats or even in the CFL.
I did a couple of searches of the forum but couldn't find much.
Russ Jackson is probably the most famous but I do recall some Hamilton boys who played at one time or another in the CFL. Bob Steiner, Bob Krouse, Bob Macoritti are some that I remember in the CFL but I am certain there a lot more.

Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock are two others.

Bryan Crawford plays for the Argos.

Here are some other Hamilton born or raised CFLers

Ed Turek
from Central S.S., Bob Richardson from Barton S.S., Ron Howell, from Westdale S.S.,
Dale Sanderson from Sherwood S.S., Ed Chalupka from Glendale S.S.[?]

It's somebody else's turn now. That's enough exercise for my brain this early in the morning.

Trevor SHAW - Tiger-Cats - Glendale H.S.

John Bonk and Nick Bastaja ... two Delta SS boys.... both had stints with the Ticats and great CFL careers.

Dave Dinall and Lee Knight (two former RB with the Cats) were both from Burlington.

Just remembered Paul Bushey (FB in the 90's) and Richard Nurse (WR in the 90's).

I met Richard Nurse 2-3 times in the past. Great guy. Born and raised on the mountain.

8) Here's a few more to add to the list,
   John Manel QB,    Dick Wesolowski RB,   Angelo Santucci RB,   John Michaluk OC/LB,   and the late Gord Christian  OE.

Going WAY back to the late 40's and 50's, there was a time when every team in the CFL had players from Hamilton High Schools.

Some from those days...Joey Pal, Tommy O'Connor, George Festeryga, Jimmy Quadamatteo, Mel Aull, Cam Fraser....

Was he born in Poland ?

I know this doesn't count, but Steve Staios (starting defenseman for the Calgary Flames) is from Hamilton.I did a little research a while ago to see what famous people/athlete's came from Hamilton and I was pleasently surprised.

How about Ancaster's Bob Cameron, or Marv Allemang?

Jarrett Smith(Barton S.S.) RB played a few seasons for us back in the late 90's, mostly on special teams if I remember.

Dave Lane (Hill Park)

Dirty 30 - Jimmy Young from Westdale

Pete Giftopoulos and Peter Dela Riva

Corey Grant. Went to Orchard Park.
Chris Schultz of TSN fame.

Big Bob Steiner, Ernie Turek (sp?)

forgot one of the best.......Frank Cosentino

ok, Thats me done

John Williams, and Frank Marof, I think.