Staggerville a team of gimps

No QBs, no RBs, O-line & D-line in tatters, & a mentally-challenged head coach that blames players for his own failures.
It sounds like a winning formula to me. Any suggestions for a team too cheap to bring in quality replacements?

Bombers took on the cost of the stadium, you got to pay for that somehow. What do you prefer cupholders or a cup :lol:

too cheap to bring in quality replacements?

because every team expects to lose 3 QBs? Alex Brink is our 3rd string QB and he just went 10/13 for 120+ yards against a very solid defense.

by the way, we do have a quality replacement at RB - Chris Garrett - and have already brought in Bloi-Dei Dorzon

our D-line was down to our two backup DTs and still dominant at one point this year. Bryant Turner and Don Oramasionwu would be capable of starting on some teams. we have Vega and Kashama and heck Remond Willis didn't even make our team and is now starting in Saskatchewan.

receivers.. let's see, we have TJ Harris AS A HEALTHY SCRATCH. that says enough right there.

the O-line is not very good. but through the past couple years we have Greaves, Kowalchuk, Dunn, Swiston.. lots of promising young talent. you can't bring in NI O-linemen whenever you want, so unless you have room to plug in an import, you can't get a quick fix and even then it's hard to find import OL that can step in immediately and be effective. Kelly Butler is a heck of a guy to have for depth purposes too. Now.. why they haven't tried to plug him in at OT I don't know, but the coaches see him in practice, not me.

there's not a team in the league that could be missing 3 QBs, 2 RBs, their second-best NI WR, and still be in good shape. there's not a team in the league with a WR anywhere near as good as TJH sitting. there's not a QB in the world that is going to be any good right away who wants to come somewhere to be a 4th stringer.

if there's anything this Bomber team is, it's deep. no need to complain for the sake of complaining.

What do you prefer cupholders or a cup ...
I'm 6'4'' ... some leg room would be nice. The new stadium is gonna be sweeeeeeeeetttttttt :thup:

Dorzon is here now ... even if he got on a plane when Reid got hurt he wouldn't have got to Mtl in time to finish the game. This thread is just dumb. I'll be there at the end of the game on Friday, hope you will be too.

First, let me apologize in advance to you.

This has to be one of the stupidist posts I have read in this forum all year. Do you even follow the team? Because if you did, you'd realize that the Bombers have been finding new talent and that teams like Montreal, have been signing our cuts. That should tell you something about the quality of the personnel coming through the organization.

Get a grip man.

Lot of injuries, it happens in football, it's a contact sport after all. Mind you the way injuries have hit the bombers has been unusual (3 QBs last year, 3 QBs this year, top 2 RBs on the depth chart both gone with the same injury in the same game). But with 7 players added today thanks in part to the expansion of rosters. So with 7 new players coming in, I wouldn't call them cheap. And I wouldn't call them cheap for not bringing in other CFL teams cast offs. Lets face it a lot of those guys are looking for work for a reason and I'll give Mack the benefit of the doubt on his ability to bring in players, he's managed to unearth some good finds.

Some of the players signed today are for future look see, however a lot of them are at positions where the team has had injuries and if any these guys pan out they could make a contribution this season yet. A RB like Dorzon could find himself benefitting from the injuries and get on to the active roster. Same for the RB Fitzgibbon - could take Volny's spot. If McKinnon can pick up the MLB spot that would allow them to shift Bowman back to his regular spot.

...I like the fact we're still in the hunt for good talent with the addition of a qb. and rb.....and d lineman and all of the other positions buckstopshere mentioned....What we're going to do about our mentally ill coach's problems, is have him sent to Selkirk for an assessment after the season...That way we'll have all the bases covered... :wink:
Get serious Buckstops :lol:

From the virtual tour it looks like an awesome design for football and it looks like all the stuff Asper was going to take out of the design have been left as is. :thup:

offhand I can't remember if it has cupholders in the virtual tour ... our baseball park does ... and leg room too. i'm sure they'll make room for the big silver cup come november :smiley:

cupholders on the back of the seats in front of you..

as for the original topic.. this dude only comes around when the team is losing... where was u last week when we beat the als in montreal?

HfxTC wrote: I think the game was well officiated. They let a lot of bump and clutch go but that was the same for both sides.
I was in the Bombers-Als thread. I'm here win or lose "dude" and I don't cry about officiating, I don't suggest injuring other teams QB's or make racial inuendos about officials.

These accusations coming from you are baseless "dude" ROFLMAO.

i suppose you need to learn to read... because i said as for the ORIGINAL POST as in the dude who started this thread.