Stafford and Carter released

Agreed. I remember when Popp did the same thing a couple of seasons back with that QB, Troy Smith. He waited until the moment Smith was barred from playing elsewhere to release him.

I can't even believe that such a date exists in the CFL calendar. A date when a team can decide that it doesn't want to pay a guy to work in his field, and he is simultaneously barred from seeking other employment in his field for the rest of the year. It's probably contrary to labour law. (Jock Climie would know.)

If the CFL wants to bring rules into the 21st century they could allow a player to be signed and not play on the playoff roster (i.e. MLB) or contracts indeed have to be fully guaranteed after such deadline.

Im actually stunned they can get away with this, but in reality we shouldn’t be surprised, the rules have been stacked against the players for years now.