Stafford and Carter released

For all the problems we do have we don't appear to have dissent or conflict in the locker room. I watched some of the Montreal game on the weekend and that team is a disaster!

I'll be curious to see if anyone picks up Carter - I personally don't think he's worth the trouble and hope the Cats don't sign him.

I wouldn't be surprised if Cato is the next to go. Chapdeline didn't seem too happy with him on Saturday night

Carter would not fit in the Tiger Cats locker room. The doorway opening is not large enough for his head!

Carter can't play for duration of 2016 aftet release so wouldn't help Cats anyway. Thank goodness! Ee dont need an inflated head on our team. Anyone notice last game, that he kept on yapping to a backfield player while at the line of scrimmage and ball was snapped. Not a player tuat gives a hoot!

Just have a funny feeling Carter might end up on the Argos next year (Barker’s desperate) or possibly in Saskatchewan because Chris Jones would bring in anybody if he thought they had talent never mind how bad they were in the locker room or off the field. Should be interesting.

Have to give some kudos to Montreal for this move. The message sent out is "No ONE person is bigger than the team. No matter how talented. " Excellent Montreal.

I'm inclined to believe that Cato's frustration the other day and his animated interactions with Chapdelaine had to do with Stafford and Carter not doing what they were supposed to be doing. Or maybe Cato just reaching a breaking point and not wanting to target them.

My first thought was SK. Toronto sounds like a possibility, but given that they just released a gaggle of receivers over supposed locker-room issues, you'd think they'd be reluctant to bring in either of these guys.

Jones I can 100% see going after them. Maybe even Winnipeg.

The sad part in all of this is that we won't get the pleasure of jeering Carter on Nov. 5.

Another thought:

Maybe the Als were already intending to release Carter, and the ball wasn't being sent his way Saturday to prevent him from surpassing 1000 yds receiving? He finishes the season with 938 yds, and maybe he was due a performance bonus if he hit 1000?

Maybe the fan who got Carter to sign that "Worst Teammate Ever" poster last time Montreal was in town can bring the poster back again for good luck.

Just curious... do they get paid for the rest of the season since its past labour day?

If not, this is clearly a cost cutting move since both are on 1 year deals.

YES !!! JUST BRING IT !!! :smiley: :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

Their contracts are not guaranteed, they are both less than 4 yrs.

6+ yrs exp. – guaranteed after 9 gms
5 yrs – guaranteed after 10 gms
4 yrs – guaranteed after 11 gms
-3 yrs – not guaranteed

Not a fan of either receiver Carter or Stafford nor am I a fan of Jim Popp's I think he's just seeing the results of his fine efforts over the years in Montreal with these two recent released players and so many before them over the years.

I thought one of Popp's better decisions was giving the interim head coaching to Chapdeline and I hope that Jacque gets the opportunity to return as head coach next season.

I believe he has the ability to take this team to the next level and bring in the right talent like he did as an assistant for so many years in BC.

One Person who can fix Montreal is Marc Trestman who is available as of last week !$ so far he has Failed in the NFL

Just another team favoured loop hole to save a few bucks. Both players are free agents. If montreal knew they wouldn't likely return why not save a few thousand $$.
Things like this don't come out when negotiating the CBA but now it makes sense that the players really wanted to get something out of the last deal.

IMHO this isn’t just cost cutting, it is GM Jim Popp bending these guys over!
If he wanted to release them he should have done it last week, before the trade deadline, like TOR did, those guys found new teams, Carter and to a lesser extent were CFL starters and will not have the ability to play in the League or get paid for the rest of the season.
I’m not sure who the bigger head cases are in the League, the GM’s or some of the players.
The GM’s seem to be getting just as many fines and bad press as the players. :roll:

I wouldn’t blame any High end free agents for thinking twice about signing in MTL after this and also how he dumped Henoc Muamba before his bonus was due before the season even started.

Who can fix us ?

Faith, Mr. Pike, keep the faith!