Has anyone suggested that once the BC Lions move back to BC Place that the CFL should purchase the temporary stadium at Empire Field, and move it to Quebec City or/then Halifax? The stadium could be erected and disassembled in stages as permanent seating is constructed.

Who would pay for it? Surely you don't think the CFL is rolling in dough and can afford to just up and buy a temporary stadium and stick it god knows where 5000 km away without a solid business plan that includes investors and the backing of the locals?

Does anyone know what will happen with the temporary Empire Field Stadium once the Lions move back to BC Place?

On a different topic, the newly renovated Molson Stadium in Montreal looks awesome on TV. I’d love to hear some opinions about the renovation from people who were actually at the home opener this evening (July 22, 2010)

Perhaps they'll just throw it all in the ocean.

Can't find an article on it, but from what I remember they're going to leave in the turf and some stands so that it can be used as a community field.

The seats are for sale after this year...I thought molson stadium should buy them and replace the bench seating

I hate all bench seating, period. It is not condusive to sitting for more then 30 minutes.
As strange as this possibility may sound, I recall reading somewhere how taking apart sections of a portable stadium and moving to another area has been done and surprisingly on a somewhat regular basis.
So yes I agree why wouldn't a place like Moncton or Quebec City try this and for much cheaper then building new.
The current Empire Field is 100 times better then the Moncton high school stadium or Peps combination seating and standing room nonsense.
Hell bring it here to Toronto and set up shop at York University.

Its going to go back to Sweden. Srsly. Gotta love Sweden for all their modular stuff. I’m pretty sure it was rented from them.

The stadium will be taken appart. it is parts of stadiums used for the Olympics.

As for Molson Stadium, as a new season ticket holder im loving it! i love the benchs so much better then seats

Really! :thdn:

Im sure this stadium will be dismateled at the end of the season and dispersed around the province for different venues , they did the same with the buildings from Expo 86 a lot of the buildings are still being used around the City.

The Turf will stay for local sports, but the stands, trailers will all be shipped out.

Doesn't the CFL own temporary seating that they lease to cities that need extra seating to host a Grey Cup?