Stadiums without CFL

which existing stadium could still make money without CFL, and what would happen to the rest?

Would a semi pro CFL with very much mostly Canadian players help much?

Don't see the point in these hypotheticals.
Stadiums like BMO with the MLS team are making money without the CFL.
McGill in Montreal exists because of the university. BC Place would continue to operate, 9 CFL games wouldn't make any difference.

A semi-pro league with mostly Canadians? Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have difficulty getting fans to attend a pro-league with some great players, there would be zero interest in a semi-pro league with mostly Canadians


that leaves CAL, ED, Sask, Ham, WPG, and Ott Stadiums. If these stadiums do not need the CFL to make money, then why do such stadiums only exist in CFL cities?


Who said they don’t need the CFL?
I was pointing out the 3 stadiums that don’t need the CFL

yes, and I was just wondering about the others.

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Canadians watch the CEBL and CPL, there considered semi-pro


It's an interesting thought. I figure Edmonton would be in the best shape because of it's history with hosting commonwealth games and Canadian qualifying matches (soccer and possibly rugby). Hopefully the others would book concerts. It looks like BC Place has Elton John in 2022

I don't think the CFL is going away but it's probably going to go through some changes. Maybe the whole league gets a rebranding. I was looking at Wikipedia and apparently there was a "Continental Football League" that failed so we probably don't want to name it that at this time.


I would hate to know how Sask is paying for Mosaic right now without those user fees. It's a growing pink elephant that no one wants to address.

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I suggest using the name "Champion Football League" to keep the CFL initials intact

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Nothing wrong with the Canadian in the Canadian Football League.

No other leagues had to rebrand in recent times so why should the CFL?

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I wonder, if CFL ever folded, would anyone hold the rights to "Canadian Football League" ?

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During the 90's expansion, the US CFL owners wanted to change the name of the league along with rule changes to 4 downs. They thought the term "Canadian" in the CFL had a negative impact on ticket sales and marketing. They want it something like North American Football League(NAFL).

If the CFL wants to go global, it might need a rebrand of the name. The XFL will definitely have to change their name if their is a partnership with the CFL


But why should they (CFL) have to change their name. How would you promote Canadian Football if you change the name of the league.

Wouldn't the name change cause it to get lost in the shuffle.

Besides they won't be able to compete with the might of the NFL even with the name change.

Canadians, in general, are fleeing and bailing on the CFL as of now. Changing the name won't necessarily bring them back.

maybe if it was changed to ECFL

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The NFL hasn't changed their name but the CFL needs to?

well, I had read somewhere that their numbers have gone down some before covid.

For me, the league has turned into APCFL (Anally Political Correct ...)

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That's to bad this whole process is being politicized

In the old days prior the the Grey CUP it was called the Canadian Dominion Football Championship .

I always liked the word Dominion for a Canadian pro league inserted somewhere in the title with Federation .

Dominion Football Federation .

The DFF .

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ahh yes, that evil Dominion Founders Football league.

BC Jem'Hadar
Calgary Cardassians
Edmonton Ferengi
Sask Skreea
Winnipeg Vorta

Toronto T-Rogorana
Hamilton Breen
Ottawa Xindi
Montreal Dosi

and coming soon, the Halifax Karemma