Stadiums look fanatastic!

The new era has arrives! Its been on the way and the many snags are now behind, time the talk and emphasis changes to the positive and away from the negative and more about all the good opposed to having Toronto as the focal point.
Now Toronto still needs to be resolved. The solution of BMO may not be the greatest but looking more like at least there are more players in the game to fund that 3rd phase and have a suitable situation.
Winnipeg and now Ottawa and Hamilton speak for themselves.

Other great things are happening with some modern reno's.

Commonwealth not only looks fantasitc with the new seating and modern color schemes of the seats. Watching that last game vs the Riders with a great 40K plus crowd could not help but notice how great the the SawMill endzone party section was packed and looked awesome.

Montreal made the upgrades and expansion of McGill a few years back. Realizing the expansion to 25K was too big. Removing 1,000 of those seats and replacing them with the latest very popular patio section. During the first down transition in play since they moved to McGill may have caused people to worry that they may be back to 20K attendance of late. part of that 20K are sitting in, paying, and enjoying the much better and more expensive suites/club boxes and Patio without complaint. McGill stadium old time charm and fans close to the field the stadium never looks empty.

BC Place has maybe seen a little less than the 30K they want and not going to fill the 50K. The stadium is made for football, is among the best veneus in North America, and the MLS has shown that it is made to adapt to a mainly lower bowl set up that the CFL will likely follow once the ownership change over happens.

With the Flames LP investing into the Stamps to go with their WHL and NLL properties have began making the best of McMahon for now. Already have began addings some concession and washroom areas at ground level neat the end zone. Likely will see that expand even more. Also adding a once empty end zone with the popular patio section.

In Regina the new stadium is coming. While waiting the 17 million in modern reno's look fantastic. Theatre Style end zone seating looks awesome and is always packed. Add on the top of each section has packed suite and well as the popular Pilsner Pub which doubles as a studio for weekly special Rider programing shows.

fell free to add on to some of the positiveness of these stadiums!

Good stadium synopsis, cflsteve! I'm not so sure the Lions will utilize B.C. Place's lower-bowl configuration like the Whitecaps (or Bells as it says on their sweaters?) There are only 22,000 seats with that configuration, which is fine for the Caps who drew only 17,000 to their recent game. The problem for football is about 10,000 of those seats are in the end zones and corners...that's ok for soccer, but not great for football. It makes little sense to close off upper sideline seats on the 55-yd line and force those fans into the endzone. The Lions president (and potential new owner) D. Skulsky said he doesn't favour the lower-bowl setup for the Lions.

The new CFL stadiums look great! All we need now is for the Argos to finalize their stadium plans...then all this negative vitriol being spewed by the Toronto/Rogers/MLSE media will be abated.

The whitecaps actually tarp off a couple thousand seats in the top rows of the lower bowl. Seating capacity of the lower bowl with upper bowl curtained off is closer to 26 to 27 000.