Stadiums. Anything new on the horizon?

Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, does the league see any new stadium development or major renovations? Who (if any) is talking about it besides Calgary right now?

It seems Stamps/Flames ownership group and the city are at odds over any new facilities these days, so not sure if their Plan A (new) is going to go anywhere. I'm thinking renovating McMahon might be more realistic and affordable by all the stakeholders (the university, city, Stamps). Some federal dollars are likely to go that way via the college too. Everyone commits to $15 to 20 million and they can turn McMahon into a great park and recoup some via a ticket surcharge.

Everyone in the east looks like they have what they need and with the recent announcement of a new roof planned at the Big Owe, it looks like Montreal can one day host the big games again.

Halifax. Any news there?

...meanwhile, back at McMahon, the lone groundskeeper begins to prepare...

Montreal needs more classy true seat seating like Tim Horton's Field for example, a similar sized stadium. I think the Als are in need of a 5-10 year plan on PMS to see it turn into a Tim Horton's Field or TD Place Stadium in Ottawa. PMS looks tired.

CFL commish 'very worried' about Calgary stadium situation

There are no good reasons left to keep the 57-year-old stadium other than the fact there’s little hope whatsoever a new home for the city’s CFL club will be built anytime soon.

“I’m very worried,? Ambrosie said when asked how concerned he was with the situation.
“Perhaps the most successful team in the last 20 years in the CFL has one of the poorest stadiums in the CFL. I think that’s a tragedy.

Sounds like the San Francisco 49ers situation for many years. Eventually that did get worked out and this one will too I'm sure. I think Calgary is looking at hosting another Olympics, 2026 and McMahon would look very tired in that day and age of opening and closing ceremonies. Basically it would look like an embarrassement to tell you the truth.

Although the word 'tragedy' may be a tad over the top I'd say.

Within the context of pro football, a city of 1 million pop., consistency in being a very strong club, and a fairly loyal fan base - it is kinda tragic.

Interesting situation in Calgary. McMahon is owned by the university, run by some McMahon mgmt group. Calgary owns none of it. So if Calgary is expected to share the cost of a new one, it is a brand new financial hit to the taxpayer for something they've never owned or invested in before. They don't own the old one like say Regina or Edmonton does, nor does it have provincial ownership money in it like BC Place. That's a hard sell to taxpayers when there is no old one to sell or redevelop the land and recoup the capital investment. And the team in the place is privately owned. And we all know not many Calgary taxpayers are filling the old one, so even a solid group of season ticket holders can't shoulder the load.

No wonder this thing looks like a dead horse.

Montreal at top of list.

Calling BS on that one. You must have been talking to Burkie. Of coarse they want 2 new facilities at tax payers expense. More MONEY for them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why NOT
I went to only 2 games in Calgary this YEAR. Very pleasant game seats,surroundings and entertainment.
Love the tail gate parties.Better then 2 or 3 other stadiums in league.
Sure eventually stadium should be replaced but not bad. Look at Montreal! Ouch!

With the next round of new roof million$ now allocated to the Big Owe, Montreal won't be getting a new stadium in a long, long time.

Why can't these huge Canadian cities support their teams and make this stuff a no brainer?
Despite being a huge CFL fan - If I was a Calgary resident I would be saying to my councillor: "Why should we contribute anything to a new stadium when the major tenant Stampeders can't even fill their existing one?"

That's the Calgary problem. The Stamps ownership group thinks they can play hardball, but they don't have a compelling case to woo the city with. It would be different if Stamps fans were flocking to support their league leading club. But they aren't. Sad actually. Very sad.

Nenshi got elected by millenials and the mid centre left. They don't flock to games either, except soccer. I think the Stamps need to desperately woo the soccer community and cost share a new place.

well said thanks

If the stadium is workable/safe, the Stamps will have to live with it. They should have build a new stadium when Alberta was booming.

If the Feds want to kick in money for a new stadium, I'm okay with it. :wink:

Yeah I don't have a problem with feds using infrastructure $ for stadiums and arenas either. Within reason tho. The P3 structure can work so well when there are a defined group of stakeholders, but the absence of any Calgary city equity to date makes it very difficult to sell any new stadium to the civic taxpayer. And I can't see the feds throwing $ at it unless the city and province does. And Rachel Notley's socialist agenda conflicts with Stamps private ownership interests. If it was a community owned club I think a stadium would have already been announced.

will we see the introduction of a greater Toronto aussie rules football league?

Bet Toronto would support that better than they do the Argos

I dunno, its not American. If it was, no question it would do gangbusters

yeah, but then again, cricket isn't American either.

The Wolfpack did manage to pull 7000 average at Lamport, and it's not even the type of rugby we play here.

BC - over $500 million in renovations completed in 2011
Edmonton - $200 million in renovations completed in 2012
Regina - new stadium completed in 2017
Winnipeg - new stadium completed in 2013
Ottawa - renovation of one stand and construction of a new stand completed in 2014
Montreal - renovation/expansion completed in 2010 for Percival Molson Stadium, renovation to Olympic Stadium has already begun with several phases to be complete over the next several years, including a new roof
Toronto - renovation/expansion to BMO Field in 2016
Hamilton - new stadium completed in 2014

That essentially leaves Calgary which has not seen a significant renovation/expansion to McMahon Stadium in a long time. The best they can probably hope for is a moderate renovation to the stadium. The ownership needs to put some skin in the game in order to receive some public funding...maybe a ticket tax over a 10 to 20-year period. At best, I can see a $25 - $50 million reno, nothing substantial in the $100 million range. The stadium has no structural issues as far as I know so I doubt there is any urgent need to replace it.

I don't see Calgary winning the 2026 Winter Olympics either, not with their proposal to have the games in 3 areas - Calgary, Edmonton and Whistler...good luck with that. OUtside of long shot Halifax, there is nothing else on the horizon.


Oh man RedandWhite. You out did yourself with that one. I didn't see that one coming. At least it isn't artificial turf!

The Stamps should have asked for a new / upgraded stadium when times were good. When Alberta was flush with cash. To ask now is begging for rejection.

The NDP Gov’t in Alberta won’t throw a dime at any privately owned sports ownership group for a new stadium. Those two sides simply don’t speak the same language.