Anyone watch the game at the stadium?

I was planning on going but my son got sick so we stayed home to watch.

Was it a big turnout, any fun?(probably not the best wording due to the outcome)

I was in section S, 6 rows up centre field right behind the Cats bench. Stadium was packed - I would say 5% were Cats fans, 70% Bombers fans and the remainder were fans from western teams.

Energy from the Cats bench was low as the game went on. I lost my voice cheering for them.

Hats off to Winnipeg their fans were classy.

Sat in section M beside box J boys. If Ivor Wynn stadium was still standing it would put Calgary’s to shame. I consider myself tall and still found it a struggle to walk up the steps in our section. Halftime show faced away from our side. They could have set it up at the scoreboard end for everyone to see.I thought the sound system for the game itself was horrible. Not that it mattered in the end but they did have below the main scoreboard a smaller scoreboard for game stats but whoever was in charge did not post anything as the game went on so I guess they just gave up. Only good thing about their stadium was the Calgary C train for a quick exit.Butttt still glad I went, I was able to visit my son and daughter!

Does anybody know if it was a sellout? And what was the attendance number?

35k and change. Don’t believe it was.
Attendance for the last one was 43k I think, extra seating and the Riders effect.

Expect the TV rating to be brutal too.

Oh, on the CFL site: 35,439
I thought McMahon Stadium holds a lot more than that?

I wonder if the OP meant watching the game at THF…

My thought too.

I think Chestmaster was asking about Tim Hortons Field.

Yes I was at THF. It was much colder than the 2degree temp google was telling me. Fealt like -15.

About 1000 people showed up; at most. So you had, your pick of seat.

Some folks were all dressed up.

CHCH & CBC radio was there.

Good news was, they never ran out of pizza, no bathroom line ups.
They started giving 1.5 slices of pizza as they had anticipated a lot more fans.

For me, it reminded me of going to 2013 Grey Cup- froze and my team was thoroughly smashed.
However 2013 was a success; as we were not even expecting to be there- this was a collosal failure.

I was but didn’t want to interrupt those talking about being in Calgary…

I’m easy

Thanks… im not glad my boy got sick but it sure saved me from freezing my butt off watching that disaster.

Odd take since you predicted for 2019 : “wouldn’t give us the East just yet…9 wins max.”