I have been coming to never win stadium for over 20 years. I have been asked to open my bag for a search. Tonight the $12.00 an hour security opened my bag and put her hand in the bag and removed things from my bag. Have the laws in this country changed. I have always been told that I have to open the bag and they are only allowed to look in. This girl was about twenty and very rude. She rifled through my bag liked she owned it. Has anyone else had this type of treatment at the stadium recently? I know this treatment is illegal and this overzealous wanna be cop was overstepping her boundaries. What will tiger-cats management do about it? This type of blatant harassment will make my exit from box J that much easier because the product on the field gives me no reason to hang around.

This topic was discussed ad nauseum earlier in the season.

See this thread:

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To summarize the key points:
Ivor Wynne Stadium is property of the city of Hamilton.

You have the right to refuse to be searched by IWS gate security, and they have the right to refuse to admit you to the stadium.

This makes many people unhappy.

It is unlikely to change.

They do not have the right to empty your bag and search it. They may allow you to open it and move what ever is in it. They are not allowed by law to remove and look through items.

la la la I had No Problem, show the bag....

been there, dun that, move on.....SHESH...

Your on private property, they can do whatever they want, if you dont comply they will remove you for tresspassing.

it is not private proberty when they invite you on it to do business.

What world do you live in consult a lawyer about your illegal search rights before you spew off about a subject you think you know about.

If you go into the whitehouse with a bag full of stuff and they want to search it and you dont comply, what are you going to do? Nothing, get tossed out. I dont agree with the rules, but if you dislike it that much save your money, buy a bigscreen, watch the game at home while getting hammered!

Whatever your opinion of security practices at Ivor Wynne Stadium, debating the issue at length on this forum may not be the most effective way to cause changes to those practices, or get whatever other result you are seeking.

If you truly believe you have been wronged, you may get a better return for your time and energy if you contact the club and/or the city directly. Apart from that, you could look in earnest at your legal options.

Personally, I believe you are embarking on a fool's errand, but it is apparent from your posts that you are quite upset about the event you described. I am genuinely trying to be constructive with my comments above.

I agree with the OP, look in the bag, don't pull things out of it, some people have person items that they need to bring to the game that they don't need the whole stadium to see. There is a way to inspect your bag but maintain your dignity.Do you really need to see my products(ladies you know what I mean).

If you think you are wronged in this case, do something about it. I'd like to see the law you are referring to though. As far as I know,once you allow the search (opening the bag) all bets are off. Usually though, most people have the common sense to not do what happened to you.