Stadium will be ready but not completed for July 26

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The delayed Pan Am Stadium will be useable for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' home opener July 26, but will be far from finished, city and team officials said Tuesday morning.

At a joint press conference held at City Hall, public works general manager Gerry Davis and Ticats president and chief operating officer Glenn Gibson assured the media the game would go on.

"You buy a house in a great new subdivision and you're all excited, and the house is great, but you look out the window and you still have to do the lawn. I liken this to that," Davis said. "It will still be a construction site."

The stadium was initially set for completion at the end of June, but that deadline was not met due to bad winter weather and contractor issues.

Now, the city says the field will be able to host a game on July 26, but many aspects of the stadium — including vendors, bathrooms and landscaping — will be incomplete.

"It's a quick turnaround," Gibson said. "We're pulling out all the stops."

The field and the seats will be ready and the seats are in place, he said.

The new target for substantial completion is early October, Davis said.

"You buy a house in a great new subdivision and you're all excited, and the house is great, but you look out the window and you still have to do the lawn. I liken this to that," Davis said. "It will still be a construction site."

which is utter BS imo. Its more like buying lunch and getting the hamburger but no fries.

I upgraded my season tickets because its a new stadium. im pretty angry/embarrassed this wont be done on time.

By upgrading your seats , I take it that means you have moved closer to the 55 yd line , so you have a better vantage point..... is this not still the case whether the stadium is completely done or not ? So, I am confused as why you are upset.

I'd equate it to going to a five star restaurant, but having to eat your meal in the parking lot. The food will still be great, but the atmosphere won't be what you paid for.

I’m sorry you will be “pretty angry/embarrassed” that the stadium won’t be done on time. I do have some questions (and answers) for you.

  1. Will you have a nice comfy, wide seat with lots of legroom? A - yes.
  2. Will there be a game played that won’t be impacted by the stadium not being completely finished? A - yes.
  3. Will you be able to purchase refreshments at the game? A - yes. (might be from a temporary (food cart?) vendor).
  4. Will you be able to use washroom facilities? A -yes. (might be a portapottie).

Why then are you “pretty angry/embarrassed”? I really don’t understand. If any of the answers to the questions above were “no”, I would understand.

edit: just read gocatsgo!'s post and while I can understand the atmosphere thing, you are stil getting a 5 star steak are you not? :wink: :wink:

They said it wouldnt be fully completed for opener over a month ago. And then people were accusing them of either lying or being naive.
Today they reiterated what they said then and suddenly people treat like it they didnt know as if it was news and team is trying to pull a fast one. Weak but typical..

Why does the team continually promising stadium will be open offend so many people ?

So me being the glass is half full kind of guy - every new trip to THF will be a positive experience.

Game 1 - Wow this is pretty good!
Game 2 - Alright the beer vendor nearest my seat is now open.
Game 3 - Cool flat screen TV’s in the can
Game 4 - Wow the new completed landscaping around the stadium looks great!

etc etc.

For most fans this will be an upgrade - the first time that Tiger Cat fans have actually had SEATS. I wonder how that will play out. I can see some people who sat on them old benches for decades will be staring at the new wide fold down/up seats and haven't got a clue how to operate it.

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3 home games scheduled before Labour Day

Last 6 home games are back loaded after SEPT.1st

I like this.

they should do the pricing for the seats like this as well..3/4 the price of tickets till its complete

OK - I sort of get the atmosphere comment for a restaurant but for a football game the crowd provides the atmosphere - not that flat screen TV in the washroom being there or not being there.

And by perhaps not having one of the vendors nearest my seat open for the first couple of games - that will likely save me a few bucks because I'll make one trip less to the concessions each game so no need to lower my ticket price by a quarter. But if you want to do that Caretaker I won't complain. :stuck_out_tongue:

i'll get over it when we are up 30-0 on the RB's

As far as im concerned this is good news.
Game will be played on time and in the stadium. Better than Mac, Better than Guelph, and better than Winnipeg missing a year.

It is very good news. The Tim Hortons Field will not be "better than" Guelph, Mac, or even Ivor Wynne. It will be an order of magnitude better, even without every concession stand working, or missing a few bits of landscaping.

The better analogy would be: LIving in a town where the best restaurant was a fast food hamburger joint, and then a brand new five star steak restaurant opens, only to find out to your horror that there were paper handtowels in the washroom instead of the cotton towels you'd been promised.

Seriously everyone - you are going to love THF.

Cheers, Bob.

bear in mind that neither the team or front office are at fault for the delay in completion. i'm not happy that my first experience at the new stadium will be much less than expected, but it's better than what Winnipeg fans went through and as was already mentioned most of our home games will be played in September/October. Let's hope the team puts on a show that will make us forget we are sitting in an unfinished stadium.

Okay now I'm worried :lol: ,don't know if anybody else noticed or not but that was post #666for Caretaker :twisted: :wink:

Enjoy going to the bathroom in your pants at THF this season!! lol

Caretaker wrote: Seriously everyone - you are going to love THF
I'm looking forward to it so much Caretaker and that being said, I feel it is quite fine for those of us that have contributed many thousands of dollars to the TiCats over the years, that has been money well spent for us as the consumer and fan, that have had trepidations about the completion of the stadium for this coming year and haven't put money down, as yet. And I'm confident that both the Tiger-Cats organization and the city of Hamilton respects this, not just in part, but 100 percent. Anything short of that would be unreasonable IMHO.

Who notices things like that??? :wink:

In any case I'm replying just to reassure you that it really wasn't, to quote Flip Wilson, the devil that made me do it.

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