Stadium Video Boards - Help Me Understand (Off-season type question)

Ticat fan here and I'm asking whether or not a phenomenon at our stadium is typical across the country. I've asked the basic question on the Ticat board but here it goes for you- the assembled great minds of football propriety....

[i]"Okay. I'm in my 60's so maybe it's just that I'm old and don't get it.... so enlighten me.... please! Last game - in the third quarter alone - the video board went to shots of fans in the stands or in the concourse over 25 times in only 15 minutes of playing time.

People drinking beer. People jumping up and down. People mugging for the camera. People pointing at pieces of Ticat fan gear they were wearing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Why? If I look around me I can see fans acting normally and not like idiots. (Okay- maybe that's wrong. Normal fans ARE idiots or why would we Ticat fans have put up with this lousy season? But I digress.)

There was only one brief stat compilation shown in the 2nd half and I guess that they've stopped the Ticat TV bits where there was commentary on the game from a panel every once in a while. Just shots of people jumping around.

Why? Why?

Cheap filler on the board? Heck- give me some close-ups of players on the field or the sidelines at least. Blank for a while might even work. (Gasp.... heresy anyone?)

If you attend the games, do YOU enjoy these constant shots? If so, why.

And yes - I know that I don't have to watch them - but the Board is always in peripheral vision and so whenever the kind of motion on it changes one is naturally drawn to glance at it fully... so it CAN'T be simply ignored.


So.... two questions. First, What's it like in stadia* across the country?
Two, if this happens in your town, do you 'get it/like it'?

*Warning: Latin reference :slight_smile:

** And of course, I'm posting this on one of the CFL Forums Fora. :wink:

Yeah, it happens in Edmonton and Regina

I think so much of the video displayed is about showing game day experiences and fans having fun. All in the hopes of engaging more new fans. Plus the younger you are, it seems the more you want to see your face plastered everywhere. The bigger screens in some stadiums allow a sideboard of stats and player info while the bigger portion is for game itself, marketing, fan experience, replays etc. Some of the excellent screens make you watch it vs the field of play sometimes


it is all about trying to show 'positive energy atmosphere.'
yeah...they overdue it

My biggest beef with the boards is the lack of replays on challenges...that BS needs to stop. A fan paying $$$ in today's day and age should be getting replays during challenges.

I agree, would like to see these replays but I also think the CFL isn't too keen on this because it further highlights how lousy the officiating can be.