Stadium Upgrades

Has anyone heard of what if anything the Riders plan to do in the immediate future. I know about the long range stuff (new store, more seating, upgraded restrooms, etc) but would have thought that they would get going on this while everyone is in "Rider" mode.

Slightly differently, there was an article in the Leader-Post recently throwing the idea of a domed stadium out there. I KNOW that is not going to happen any time soon but what is everyones idea on this or other upgrades? How could a new stadium be paid for? Would you be willing to pay a seat lisence fee as in the NFL? If so, how large?

Personally, I would love a new stadium that sat about 35K but expandable to 50K for Grey Cups. I don't think a dome would work here as it would not be expandable for the GC but 50K all the time would be too big (if it could be made to work, I wouldn't say no to one though). I would also be willing to pay a one time fee/donation of $500 to $1000 or a stadium fee of $10/game for 10 seasons. I would also like to see it located somewhere near the present stadium, which should be possible as they have announced that the rail-container yard and warehouses are being moved out of the city.

The last I heard was that they were seriously looking at expanding to a little over 30,000 for the upcoming season.

As for a Dome, my feeling is that improvements to TF are the best option BUT if a totally new stadium was to be build then yes I think an enclosed facility that has a lot of multiuse makes the most sense.

Lots of people I talk to absolutely hate the idea of an enclosed stadium.


And as far as the Leader Post article goes; I read it, and thought the proposed stadium was VERY stupid. It was talking about giving us a class domed stadium of a good 35,000... saying it will help us get the Grey Cup and other events. What it will actually do, is make sure we never host a Grey Cup again. 35,000 at a Grey Cup? Ridiculous. If we were to build a domed stadium you would have to make sure it's at least 50,000 for such things as the Grey Cup, since you can't really expand seating in a dome if there is no room to do so.

Anyway, there's my little rant.

Why build another outdoor stadium when we have one that does the job now? Yes there are things that need improving to TF and those would be the priority to me.

As for expanding the number of seats in a dome, it can be done, if it is designed in this manner from the start. Remember that almost all the extra seats for the last Grey Cup in Regina were in the endzones. The stadium was not expanded, they just used available space.

So, build a stadium with the 35,000 seats located on the sides and empty space at the ends in which temporary seats can be added.

I'm not a fan of domed stadiums myself, sure it's nice for those days where it's windy and freezing outside but I think it also takes away from the atmosphere. Some of the most memorable games have been out in the elements, like the game versus the Eskimos this past season.

Eventually Taylor Field will need replacing, you can only renovate for so long but I don't see a new one any time soon.

I do hope they up the capacity to 30,000 good seats for this upcoming season.

Do you know how much space they used to accomodate the expansion? There would never be enough available room to expand a domed stadium like we expanded the open air one, and it would look FAR to cavernous if there was that kind of unused room. I'm against a domed stadium anyway. I love being outside at Rider games.

As far as saying we have a fine stadium as it is; it can only last so long. It's a nice stadium and it has a great history, but I think we should be looking into building a new stadium sooner rather than later. The costs will only continue to skyrocket as Saskatchewan grows. Besides, the cost of repairing the stadium will get higher and higher with age. Take a car for example. You can keep repairing and keep repairing, and eventually the money you spend repairing it, isn't worth it anymore, but it'll still work as long as you keep throwing money at it to fix it up.

If everyone took the "it's fine the way it is approach", nothing would ever improve or change. I say it's time for Saskatchewan to get a little daring; invest in a project we can really be proud of.

Furthermore, they say we have one of the worst stadiums in the league in terms of dressing rooms and stuff like that. It would be nice to have one of the best.

For instance, look at this new stadium they are building in Ukraine:

It looks amazing. Yes, as you can tell, I support building a new stadium.

Maybe the CFL could help fund it with all the money they got from fines this year... :twisted:

I like the looks of that stadium. I support an open air stadium but like the idea here or with the first rendition I saw of a new one for Winnipeg, with partially covered seats. What I DID NOT like with the Ukraine stadium though is the number of "endzone" seats. In my opinion the only quality seats for football are along the sidelines and elevated enought to be able to see across the field.

I would really like to see this as a project for the 2012 GC.

If you go to the following site:

And go to portfolio -> Entertainment, there is a design for a 50,000 seater for Regina. It's a dome, but nevertheless, I love the look of it.

I have seen that plan before. It must be from about 1996 or so as it was a "concept" for the turn of the century. The estimated cost at that time was $200M. Given inflation over the past 12 years or so and that would probably run at least $500M now. I think that is a little rich for us but I sure would like to get started on a $200M open air stadium soon. It looks like the new stadium for the Bombers is gathering speed and will soon be a done deal. If they can do it, why can't we (I think we could raise the same amount as Asper will throw in, and we should be able to get the same level of gov't support)?

It might work if we had a private investor step in and offer to help fund part of it, but without that I fail to see government funding a stadium that isn't part of some sort of commonwealth or internation sporting events bid.

Yes I know how much space it took. The removed the family seats and put in larger temp seats and they put extra seats at the other end as well. No reason why this could not be done in a dome IF it is designed to accomodate this.

As for the car, I have to disagree. In the long run it is usually cheaper to keep fixing rather than taking the depreciation cost of driving a new car off the lot. I have owned a few old cars and they cost me a lot less to maintain than to keep buying new. Yup, every so often something big goes but that does not happen yearly. Heck I had a 1966 volvo that I sold for 5 times the original sticker price. Everything that needed to be done on it I could do in my garage! I knew where the weak points were so I bought extra parts for that.

Much of my career has been in museums and the fact is that many "old" things are perfectly serviciable.

I guess I am just not the type that feels the need to buy the latest toothpaste because somehow the previous new and improved gimick did not make my pearley whites white enough.