stadium updates?

what is happening with the stadium this year havent heard anything. Are they doing anything as far as updates this off season?

no clue

Phase 2 of McGill is underway, because I know some fans who contributed to it, received their "tax-free" receipt.

Last time I heard Larry Smith, he was saying that the "construction" will probably start in November '07.

So I expect to be McGill/Molson stadium to be the same when I sit down for games starting in June.

That's what I heard as well. The details were hammered out too late for the stadium to be ready for 2007. Oh well, I guess us fans who can't get tickets can at least go see the last regular season game and hopefully a home playoff game at the Big "Uh-Oh".

The tree huggers didn't help the situation either!

so it will be done intime for the '08 season, FOR SURE?

Looks that way...but until they actually start, a whole lot can happen.