Stadium thoughts

Well, I'm laid off, bored and my wife's in the hospital. Going to start a thread on a particluar interest of mine I hope will stir up some noise.

What are peolpes' thoughts/hopes/memories of stadiums or plans or proposals from over the years? What I remember are:

BC: The inverted dome proposal from 1979 by the PNE. The original plans for Empire Stadium (including the idea to locate on UBC) from the 1950s, and the expansion plans from the 60s and 70s to the ~50,000 seat range?

Calgary:The proposals for McMahon over the years, from a 30,000 seat proposal in 1955 to the many ideas for expansion up to 50,000-60,00 prior to the Olympics?

Edmonton: There were proposals (I don't know how serious ) for domed stadiums since the early 60s (Omniplex and other ideas) but even Commonwealth was planned to have have a roof over the upper deck. Thoughts?

Sask: Taylor Field was at one time planned/hoped to have to the small side twinned to match the high side, to a capacity of 45,000.]

Winnipeg: Can't find much.

Hamilton: New 35,000 stadium proposed in the 50s; expansion of Ivor Wynne to about 45,000 in the early 80s; ideas for larger veues if the commonwealth or Pan Am games could be landed,

Toronto: Many proposals for stadiums, even as large as 100,000, based on the CNE site. Skydome being as large as 68,000.

Ottawa: Reccomendations from city council that Lansdowne should be expanded to 50,000+. Possibly related to a 1994 commonwealth game bid that they really should have won.

Montreal: All the things that should have happened with the big O but didn't. Not to mention the Workman Stadium concept in the 60s and the McGill explansion planned in the late 40s.

Halifax: A stadium idea for 18,000 around 1972 and another for 34,000 that couldn't get funding in 1984.

Besides that there was the idea of a London ON franchise in the 70s with an idea of a 35,000 seat stadium [n the 70s on the outskirts of the the city.

Let's not forget Halifax stole Hamilton's commonwealth games bid recently, so they could land a CFL stadium. It was said to be a lock. But they bailed at the last minute, giving up their stadium plans and screwing hamilton out of one as well.

Luckily, Hamilton was given the pan-am games stadium ( THF under construction now) as a consolation.

Had Halifax's council not ballooned the commonwealth games budget then bailed, they could very well have had their stadium and a team years ago, now.

Screwed the people of Hamilton ? How do you think I feel that the mayor gave his friend 11 million dollars of our city tax money that we still don't have an accounting for and no games or stadium. He was smart enough not to run for office again either.

I would hope that anyone involved in Halifax's failed Commonwealth bid is long gone now. If that is the case, then perhaps these latest stadium discussions will be successful.

I think that the new people in Halifax are seeing that without a stadium they are missing out on major events. tiny Moncton will be getting the Womens World Cup games for the Atlantic region.
A Grey cup itself is blasting over 100 million into local economy of cities hosting the games.
Should Canada host any other soccer events now with the stadium infrastructure like a gold Cup if Halifax does not get a stadium again they will be looking at Moncton barely 20K minimum stadium getting some games again.

Montreal is also going to be missing out on any Grey Cups until they get Olympic properly refurbished. The IMpact and Saputo is big on soccer as well an can see some major National Clubs pplaying in Montreal if Olympic were upgraded.
An MLS pre season Tournament that cannot be had at this point with Olympic closed during winter montchs for safety reasons.
TFC is signing some hug name players and Leweinke is looking to make Toronto inot the next LA Galaxy so any Impact vs TFC game may need the larger Olympic.

The Jays are playing their final two spring training games in Montreal in an effort to spread the Jays fan base further into Canada. A better stadium could see a nice big sell out type crowd every year playing The Mets, Yankees, etc.

With the Flames LP now owning the Stamps a Calagary overhuaul of stadium and arena should be in the works.
With McMahon seemingly in a great location and the fact that under one of the grandstadns they but in millions of dollars for a state of the art locker room and training facility for both the Dinos and Stamps I can see Calagary following the Ottowa plan.
Refurbish the good side with the locker rooms and build a new Gradstand with big concourse, corproate suites, club boxes etc.
With a new hockey arena being built for the NHL NLL, and WHL clubs all owned by the flames.
Oh add an NASL team to Flames LP

In the memory lane of CFL stadiums, let's not forget the Autostade. Built for Expo 67 the original configuration (below) left spaces between all the sections, which were later filled in to increase seating for a Grey Cup and to block wind off the river that used to swirl "en masse" and made it an icebox. Located beside the Bonaventure Expressway and the Victoria Bridge (i.e., middle of nowhere), it had no real public transit option and the parking lot took forever to get out off even when the crowds were tiny.

Autostade was originally built that way so it could be dismantled and moved after Expo. I seem to remember hearing something way back when that part of it was destined for the Loyola campus but have never been able to find anything to confirm that. There was also a plan to expand it to 37,500 and put a roof over some of seats when the Expos came to town but it was deemed too expensive. The city almost lost the franchise before it ended up in Jarry Park..

As I mentioned before, the Stampeders locker rooms, training facilities, and offices are NOT located under one of the grandstands. They are housed in 2 seperate buildings in the South endzone (1 is a little bungalow building that wraps around the endzone (locker rooms, training/medical equipment), while the offices are in a small new building in the South parking lot). While the renos to these facilities are nice, they are easily replacable. The entire stadium is a mess and needs to be completely rebuilt. There is no good grandstand and bad grandstand, they are both flawed. No more lipstick on a pig. The time is now to rebuild a new arena and stadium together somewhere close to Stampede park.

Well there you have it the Stamps need a new stadium.
Sounds great. Could it be one of those deals where they build the new stadium right next to the old one. Play there until the new is complete and then level the old for parking ????

Looks like the going rate is 150 million for THF. Probably a little moer in calgary with the need for more seating ing the West 30K plus ???

But the question is who pays for it? when someone says "I can see Calgary following the Ottawa Plan" do they mean finding a developer that will sink in millions of their own money????

first the Stampeders need to get a little payback from their fans. can't even sell out their home stadium, EVEN when the Riders come to town.

One of the main reasons they can’t sell out is because the stadium is such a dump. Catch 22 situation.

This is something that was proposed in Regina in 2000. Nobody took it very seriously then. What a shame, look what $200 million would have done back then. This dome idea was very interesting.

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Calagary will most likley be just a stadium build. What they have going for them is already the land and the set up on the Dino Campus.
And of course the question will be who will be paying for this.

I have come across this rendering before. It looks like something that might be built in the far east.

The Halifax proposal looks very impressive, it's a shame it was never carried forward.

The Stamps will be playing in McDump for at least another dacde.

Unfortunetely I think that you could be correct. In the meantime we have discussed here before that one of the biggest issues with MCMahon is the Tiny Concourses with insuffiicient Washroon or consesson space as well as flow into or out of the stadium.
We have discused in other threads about the possibility of Adding a Patio deck or open Food court wash room area in at least one end zone. A large amount of space with enough room for plenty of wash rooms and Concessions as well as the flow of people goin down and out to the Food Court patio space.
Still would have the concourse concessions and washrooms but hoepfully looking to at least double the current amount in a large open space.
Of course it will cost $$$ but it could be worth it. As money is spent perhaps by Flames LP of course Naming rights to the Food Court Patio could be sold for a yearly some the recoup some of the money.
One speculation of the smaller attendance is the lack of the fan expereince partiularliy with amenities as enough wash room and concession space. SO the investement could be worth more tickets and a possible Grey Cup bid before a decade passes.
I am sure that some will point out the maoney problems with this and how it can never happen etc etc etc.
Usually where you find a strong ownership group you see things get done and Flames LP is one of those strong ownership groups with much time and pride invested into its Calagary franchises.

Steve King has mentioned a figure of upwards of $100m to bring McMahon up to modern standards. I just don't see any public support for it.