Stadium Stuff

Hey folks,

What do you want to see done to improve things at Frank Clair? Here's my short list:

  1. Paint the end zones red and black with Renegades logos - adds some flavour - can throw in another ad or two too.

  2. Clean up midfield - you can still see the Grey Cup logo underneath the Molson logo, for God's sake!

  3. Improved sound system on upper south side.

  4. Improved scoreboard facing the South Side - that little one that was added for the Grey Cup last year is useful, but not enough info (ie. down, position on the field, etc.).

I know that some of these are a pipe dream, but esthetics changes/improvements shouldn't be. add a bit more colour to the playing field and make it feel more like "The Home of the Renegades".


I’d like to see some monitors under the southside stands so when you’re standing in the beer line, you can still watch the play…

I understand that it would be difficult to mount them so they wouldn’t be stolen but high enough in the air hanging from a chain in a metal frame or box would be great. They could take them down when the season is over and put them away until the following year

Don't you have people in the stands bringing beer to you? I don't think i ever got up to buy a beer before, i think before improvements to FC are made you have to resolve the low attendance issue, i know the people on the forums are the ones supporting the gades but you gotta find a way to get more butts in the seats, oh and your cheerleaders are smoking hot!

Hell yeah!!! But sometimes you got to let a little out… Grab a bite too. Don’t see much food in the stands.

I like Montreal. They bring Jamican rum around… I got sh*tfaced the last Gades game I was at… Interesting train ride home :smiley:

ok fcs is a bad place to be if ur watching live first off the they expect u to fit in a very small area. if they ever did get a sell out one fat guy could ruin it for a hole row another thing they got to get backrests in thre blechers in the south side upper deck. Also the sound system sucks some of the rows I noticed where not labled so i gets tough when u got to go down to one that is and count up this is why i think know one goes to games