Stadium Staff conduct

In the 1st quarter a stadium staff member came down into box J and handed out field passes to many of the BOX J BOYS. A man at the end of my aisle frustratingly asked the staff member why the Box J Boys continually get special treatment. And stated that he was a season ticket holder for 17 years, and wondered when it was his turn to recieve something special.

This was not spoken in any form of bad langauge. It was very simply stated by the man.

However the response from the stadium staff member was deplorable. He answered by saying "How about I give you an eviction from the stadium??"

I was horrified and disgusted by such an unprofessional reaction.

It is bad enough that the fans have to sit through the pathetic performance of the team, but for the game day experience to also be tarnished so badly by continual bad experiences with staff and concessionaires makes it really really hard to swallow.



Ouch. Seriously, that's brutal.

this is Pretty bad..

Right on!

What makes them any better? I have had seasons for many years and have gone to many games even before I could afford seasons (over 12 years now). I have been to games in BC, Ottawa, Toronto, and am looking at going to Edmonton this year. My neighbour has had seasons for over 40 years and he has never received a single thing from the organization in the way of free-bees.

The Box J boys wear a couple of kilts and get loaded and they get treated like gold. I hear the comments and it is more then just a few people upset with this in both Box J and K.

I don't want to argue about the Box J loyalty (because I know they are loyal to the team), but if I am going to get the shaft for being just as loyal as they are...then screw the organization, I’ll just stop caring, just like everyone else in the area will.

In the endzone a fine member of this site, from Ottawa had his "Renegade Nation" flag and was holding it up.

Event Staff came over and made him put the flag down (with 1:00 left and nobody around), he refused... all of us around him said "Keep the flag up, its no problem" and they tried to eject him.

For putting up a flag.

Those people in red shirts think they're huge, but really... everyone laughs at them lol.

bloody event staff....

Box J boys??? Anybody see them years ago??? I've been going to the games 100% full-time every game since 1992. They were never to be seen then. Everybody knows the fan like "Jack" that sits beside me that has gone to games since the 1940's doesn't get on T.V. or special favours, because he doesn't kiss ***. Who deserves the perk more??? I don't even have to answer that one.

I forgot the other funny one...

As the players were walking off, i was standing there on my seat, waiting for people to leave and clear out.

Event Staff came over and told me "You have to get going, the game is over" WHAT???

People everywhere, im being told to leave?

Whoever is in charge of those ENDZONE boys that walk around with their sunglasses and tell people what to do should really address this. They are an embarressment.

Pay the money for real police to stand in, they dont pick on people.

Don’t forget that a guy ran on to the field and made it all the way to the 50 yard line and ran back before the Event Staff even MOVED…


You heard it here first Bob,

in order for the fans not to be as pissed off after a loss, hire security that will do their job, not harrass those of us who just want to watch the game.


i remember a bunch of guys that used to wear lab coats from some store that had real cow bones around their necks, going back to the Manley days. Man were those guys nuts.

I certainly hope this thread makes it to the appropriate people, I enjoy a full house... i enjoy being with Ticat fans all night... what i dont enjoy is having the football game infront of me distracted by "Event Staff"

I remember the posting for the "CAT" Team, customer assistance team. Are these the people that are considered "Customer Assistance?" These people come across as bouncers... The one guy actually gave us the finger from where he was standing in the endzone.

We have sat in that section since grade 8, we've seen different attempts to keep the opposition safe, the net going up and down, and police/security watching these sections for various activity... This is the worst I have seen it.

Please Ticat Front Office, address this situation with the 4 or 5 regular people that work the endzone area, they upset many fans tonight with their attitudes.

The one guy actually said "Our supervisor told us that flags arent allowed in the stadium" ... huh?

Thought the Renegade flags were great ! And whats the problem if waved at appropriate times....Who cares - You would think the CFL would love to se that on T.V,

My buddy is a Renegades fan and I convinced him to cheer for the ti-cats this year..He thought the flags were fantastic...

These event staff obviously have no idea how to deal with people which comes down to hiring and training...If you are one of these "event staff" here is my advise to you...treat people like you would expect to be really is that simple...This job is not there for you to get your rocks off by telling other people what to do...Be nice...and most people will do what when you "ask" them. to

CAT actually stands for Customer Assault Team.

Unfortunately, that's too often the way it is. Customer service is virtually non-existent to the point that on those very rare times when you do experience it, it is a refreshing and noticeable departure from the norm. It's one of those things that costs so little and could reap such huge benefits for the franchise. It's hard to fathom why they don't pamper the paying fans a bit.

An Argo fan

I have to say that staff at the games have helped me when asked and have been very nice.
It is the football that su*ks

I guess it all depends on who is working in your section.

As someone who sits in Box K in the aisle across the Box J Boys for the past 8 years. Here are facts of what happened on Friday.

The person who came up to Box J was someone who worked for Budweiser, not someone who worked for the Ticats or stadium staff. And she them handed tent area passes to them. Not Field Level passes. And when we last checked, the tent area is privately run as one purchase X amount of seats to do what then wish. Regardless, the views from the tents suck anyways, so I don't know why people would want to view a game from there?

Also since this person who came up was a 5'2 attractive blond who obviously worked for Budweiser. I highly doubt she would have told your buddy ""How about I give you an eviction from the stadium??" As she didn't work for the ticats or stadium. Nor have the power to kick anyone out.

Regardless, isn't there more to complain about then the Box J Boys getting passes?? Come on... they are fans like you and I and we all want a good team to cheer for.
And it amazes me all the people who are jealous of them. You talking about them and giving them forum time only gives them more of a public presence.

And in reality we should be jealous of BC or Edmonton, because they have been able to produce top level teams year over year... and it's becoming increasingly frustrating that the Ticats can’t deliver the same. When we have an owner who what’s to win and we have the talent that should be winning. But why aren't they??

I have never had any problem with the stadium staff. In fact, the ones near section 30 are always very helpful.

If I could make a suggestion to the organization, I would suggest that the stadium staff all wear tags with numbers on them (similar to those the people who sell the pop wear with the price on it. You can see those numbers from a section away!). This way there may be some individual accountability for these people. It could actually work both ways. If one of the staff are being very helpful, we as fans could take their number and send an email to the organization. Likewise, if there are problems like the ones mentioned, they can be dealt with on an individual basis and we can get rid of the bad apples.

Just a thought.