Here is a solution. The temporary stadium in BC (Empire Field) was built for less than 15 million in 120 days. Empire Field looks beautiful on television, it seats about 25 thousand and the fans LOVE IT!! Bob was willing to commit far more than 15 million to a site that wasn't his first choice. Now he can proceed to construct a similar type facility where he wants for less money out of his pocket. The stadium can be updated gradually from "temporary" to permanent over time. I'm sure he has been in conversation with Lions owner Mr. Braley.
You can also bet that the mayor and most of his council cronies will be voted out come October because of this mess! A new group will get elected based on their promises to work with the Ti-Cats on finding a solution to keep the team in the city. This would be a win-win for Bob...he gets a new stadium and the satisfaction of seeing that bone-headed mayor and most of his gang out of city office and rest of us get to watch our beloved Ti-Cats in Hamilton!!

Hey Jimmy J anything is possible. I hope Bob erects something like this in Burlington. This city has crapped on him bigtime! I was born and raised in Hamilton but this mayor and council have chased this team out of town. If it went to Burlington I'd still be at every game with bells on. :cowboy:

That makes two of us.I'd really miss going to the 10 games a year dressed hardcore and backing the boys with the other hometown faithful.I've said it before and i'll say it again.Hamilton's football experience is like no other.

Yes.. hollow metal tubing is the answer.

Solution? I think not.

Hey! people could borrow chunks of the stadium if they need to paint a house!

I posted this yesterday before the vote as a reply in a thread by an apparant troll. Now after the vote I think it makes even more sense.
City initiates Lakeview study
A new landmark to replace the Four Sisters.

“There’s something missing in Lakeview – and that’s the Four Sisters. I get a lot of complaints that boaters and fishermen have lost this guide,? said McCallion, reminiscing about the four smokestacks that were demolished in 2006. At almost 500 feet each, they were the tallest structures in the area
Perfect spot for a new stadium for the Argos, it would look good on the city after yesterday to have the Pan-Am stadium just up the QEW with the Argos as anchor tenant.
BTW the Argos already use one of the UoT campuses in Mississauga for training camp so it's not a stretch, brownfield project, on the lake, already partially cleared and a mayor who knows how to run a city.
Get on it Bob Young and David Braley.

The Ticats could use a pre-fab stadium like this for use by May 2012 as a temporary solution

It was discussed here recently

that the B.C. lions will be finished with it by then and it can be shipped here. Good idea.

This is One of few Hopes the Cats Stay Close to Hamilton ..

I am hoping this is answer to Bob's newest Question

What is Bob's Plan B ?

Bob has Given many Great Questions as Owner

Who is Mr X to start it off
How will Ticats Make a Profit in Hamilton ?
Now what is his Plan B

Bob is enigma he keeps putting out Riddles
He been the most Entertaining Owner we had
I'll stay that about him.

I have his plan b .. here it is

GTFO and see why the CFL has only 8 teams

No one know who MR X was

Some People thought it was Martin Short
Others Thought it was Jim From Rim
This was that Ticats Best MArking ever....

The Ontario teams in the CFL dont make any money. There was a time when they subsidized the rest of the league. Not any more. The sad reality is that the CFL is not enough of a draw in Ontario. There is lots of competiton for the sports buck here.

The price tag for Empire Stadium is not accurate folks. Remember 25% of the materals used to build the stadium came from the Olympics.

If you were to build a stadium like that in another city it would cost at least 40% more. Also labor costs were cheap cause the company who won the bid for a certain area in BC during the Olympics offered to do the Empire site.