Stadium site Preference Poll

Since these are the only sites that seem to have been considered lets get some idea of numbers. If Caretaker would like to share all 6 sites I think that would be an even better poll

I picked Rheem, but Confederation Park is a close second.

As a (former/occasional) Hamilton mountaineer, living close to Upper James/Highway 6 (Garth/Stone Church and Upper Wellington/Stone Church), the airport site would be the most convenient to me, but it just seems too remote for the overall population.

I think Confederation Park on Lake Ontario waterfront in Hamilton is the best spot for a new stadium, access to the QEW to Toronto or Niagara Falls, connections to the 403 and 401 for traffic and bus routes, also the addition of a rail link station that connects to the CN/CP line through the Peninsula, great location for tailgate/beach parties, and great location on the water front. Make the stadium much like Ralph Wilson where the stands are partially below ground, enter at ground level and the stands would be 50% below to the field and 50% above with private suites, restaurants, club deck etc. The Stadium would be designed like a bowl, yet close to the action much like the present Ivor Wynne.

I think the second location other than Confederation Park would be in the Highways 5 and 6 area at Clappison Corners on top of the Escarpment just west of Waterdown but still in Hamilton Wentworth. There was once a proposal for a big NASCAR track in this area at one point so I guess the planners knew what they were talking about?? Still easy access to all major routes and much like Confederation Park central to all Ti-Cat fans and support demographics.

Third, location would be probably along the 403 in Burlington near the highway 6 corridor and Hamilton border either on the North Service Road area or potentially the South Service road, not sure how much development is along the south road area lately??



I voted for Confederation because my first choice 20 hwy and Mud st is not listed.

I really think the Rheem location is one of the worst locations possible it will be nothing but gridlock in that area. Anyone remember trying to get around for Aquafest? It was terrible.

I'm not familiar with the area, hell I've only been to ivor wynne three times, but I would say using up greenspace should be a last resort.

My first choice is “None of the Above.”

Unless you have multiple accounts you can only vote once here. Nice try tho Don't you think I'd have my choice on top if it was possible to?

I am not know where the Rheem property is located.

Its on Barton 1 block west of Bay on abandoned Heavy Industry Sites across the rail right of way from the parking lot for the new Pier 4 Park.

Other .. Aldershot ..


Um... anyone can log in with multiple accounts ya know, not just you.

True enough. I'm not doing it here. In the Spec polls you can vote as many times as you want as there is no sign in process. This poll only shows what this board thinks of it. I, unlike some posters who seem to stalk posters for no apparent reason, really don't think there are many multiple accounts. If there are O well. The trend does indicate there is really only one consensus .... no to the airport site


The part I find ironic… is this poll was started by somone who claims “Internet and phone polling are totally worthless exercises”

:lol: :lol: :roll:

Where is the Anywhere vote ?
Give people the chance to say ! Anywhere in our Community is good for me ...
If it's in our community it will be a part of our community . Downtown is such a focus becasue that is where the city of Hamilton is focusing all effort's . New Stadium anywhere in this community will be good !
Keep consistent good Product on the field, good parking and hell clean new seats that dont give out Free game day splinters . :wink: And rock on :rockin:
Im all for it ..Put it anywhere that the city and the TIGERCAT'S agree on ..
Keep this Proud tradition alive and well ...

I would like to see the Beach Strip get used again for what it is ..The City abandoned it years ago letting the carnival and other attractions that use to bring people to the water front go away ...

It is worthless to use this for more than entertainment. You have a problem with entertainment? Its only a brief look at the very small group that frequent this site and cannt be taken seriously in any decision making. It would be a good idea in my mind to poll the stadium in a professional manner to see what actual customers have to say so Bob Young gets some valid info. It would be an even better idea for the city to hire a firm to conduct a poll of Hamilton citizens to find how they feel about the proposed sites. That sites with an s by the way Mr Collins and Mr Eisenberger. This poll indicates only one thing. This board finds the airport lands unpopular. The 4:3 ratio seems to be holding. I'm not really surprised since people have voiced their opinions on this subject in various threads. I just figured it would be interesting to get a total

Airport is closest to me but I really hope they dont build it there.