Stadium Security

In view of the scenes at Old Trafford today - where the game has been abandoned due to a suspicious package and a British Army bomb disposal unit has been dispatched to the stadium - likely to do a controlled explosion of the device - and the November attempted attacks in Paris at the stadium there by suicide bombers - I wander if CFL security might be ramped up a bit.

You go through metal detectors now to go to Jays games. They wand people going into the ACC for Raptors games - same for NFL games (at least for the Bills game I went to last season).

At THF for the Pan Am soccer games we had to go through metal detectors - yet for Cats games you could walk right in.

Here the worrying story from Manchester this morning.

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Latest on the incident at the Manchester United game - they did do a controlled explosion of what 'was an incredibly lifelike looking device' - but a device that 'was not viable'. I read that to mean it looked like an explosive device - but was not capable of actually exploding.

Fans in the sold out stadium evacuated just before the scheduled kickoff in the 75,000 seat stadium

Bomb disposal unit

Police securing the perimeter of the stadium

Sniffer dogs checking for other devices in the stadium

We went through metal detectors every Argonauts game at the Rogers Centre last season. Not sure if that happens at BMO Field too.

is that dog to keep out the hippies.

Damned hippies

The "bomb" was actually a training prop left behind during an exercise.

[url=] ... 2016-05-15[/url]

So, this was less a case of security issues, and more a case of incompetence.

Well I guess the training exercise worked at least - because the dog or person did manage to spot the 'bomb' in the washroom.

Somebody with the security training company is going to have some explaining to you. Can you imagine being the person who left it there - watching TV as this all unfolded - and thinking - 'Oh-oh. Did I leave one of our devices behind?'

The lines are slow enough with them searching bags to stop you bringing in water, beer or soft drinks.
Can you imagine the line ups, the cost to put in the conveyor belts, TV screens, trained staff to know what to look for?

That would be a great way to kill attendance and the league, people wouldn’t bother to show up.

People aren't bringing luggage to the games - so no need for conveyor belts and TV screens. :roll:

They've had metal detectors that you walk through and have to empty your pockets going into Jays games for the last two seasons now - and their crowds aren't hurting.

You get wanded entering the ACC for Leafs and Raptors games - yet they still sellout. They had metal detectors for the soccer games at THF during the Pan Am games that you had to go through before getting to the stadium gates.

Fans easily get used to these sort of precautions - and I think many of us even appreciate them. Better safe than sorry I say.

There is no immanent threat of terrorism in Canada. Domestic or otherwise.

Carry on.

Exactly, and even if it was, a 24,000 seat stadium an hour south of the largest city in Canada is not a dangerous place.

You are kidding right ? Every country on earth is a potential target of terrorism.

No need to be paranoid but never get complacent either.

Our Western way of life invites that.

What about the " domestics " that are going over to support Isis ?

You are aware of the attack on the Real Madrid Fan Club on Fri 13 right ?
This was because they view soccer as anti-muslim . :roll:

Do you hear that Vancouver and Toronto and Montreal ?

I am not suggesting armed guards at CFL or MLS stadiums, just be aware of the potential danger.

Agreed, this is really and sadly the new normal for live sports.

It happened in the airline industry too and those who have the desire and the means to travel will still do.

There's no in-and-out privileges anyways so as long as people come in light, it's a non factor...empty any change to live performing vendors along the way!

You are a thousand times more likely to die in Canada from a traffic incident on the way to the stadium than a terrorism incident at the stadium. Let's keep some perspective here.

It's like at airports. You can't bring a bottle of water on the plane because it might be a bomb or dangerous substance. So, they make you throw it out at the security checkpoint, with all the other supposedly dangerous substances, in a highly crowded area where lots of people are standing in line, and which has absolutely no security whatsoever up to that point.

The reason why we should analyse threats and response with proper data metrics is that humans are TERRIBLE at analysing risk and reacting accordingly. Our brains over react to big flashy risk and under react to risk that we're used to, even when that is far more dangerous.

But we were talking about a bomb threat The reason why I mentioned the conveyor belt etc is that is how you detect a bomb, by the x-ray screen and with a person that knows what a bomb would look like.
That guy searching your bag is looking for water, beer or other brought in food to a stadium, he's not looking for a bomb
A metal detector is not going to detect a bomb the metal detectors are there to detect metal object like guns, not bombs that are plastic
So yes if they wanted to try to detect for bombs then the equipment needed would cause huge line ups.

Yes , you are right.

It is very slim odds, we would be attacked. My point is NEVER say NEVER.
No one should ever think we would NEVER be attacked. ( Canada is not in danger, so carry on )
No one can predict the future.

I will never be hit by a lightning bolt, or will I ?

British PM Neville Chamberlin said Hitler would not be a threat. Look how that turned out.
The Americans stated Pearl Harbor would never be attacked .............
There were direct warnings about 911, but the thought was , no way that will never happen.
Who would have even guessed , that a Real Madrid sports club lounge would be attacked ?

Understand, there is no reason at this point to do anything more than they are now at stadiums.
It is just that some people would be better self served to get their heads out of the sand.

There is a reason you buy house insurance of course. Odds are your house will never burn down. But most people do buy house insurance.

Agree, all countries including Canada need to be vigilant to some degree with concerns with terrorism. To do otherwise would be folly.

It would seem prudent at any stadium to do a quick check with everyone coming into the stadium or arena. Now what about theatre and opera and that? hmmm.... Or for that matter entering a busy shopping mall? :?