Stadium Security

I'm curious - what sort of security do the various CFL stadiums have. I haven't really noticed too much when entering Ti-Cats games. I think they have looked in women's purses and any bags people are carrying but that is about it.

I know as of late when going to games at the Air Canada Centre not only do they search any bags or purses but they ask you to hold anything like cameras or cellphones in your hands as they wand you as you enter games. I'm going to go to the Jays home opener tonight and have received an email from the Jays advising everybody in the sold out crowd to arrive extra early because of new increased security that will have everybody walking through metal detectors as they enter and you will have to put things that might set them off like phones in a plastic bowl that they hand back to you after going through.

Here is just part of the new rules that will be in place for all Jays games at the Rogers Centre

[url=] ... policy.jsp[/url]

Some of the highlights

All guests must go through our new MLB security measures. Here are some tips to help you get through like a pro and quickly.

Give yourself plenty of time to go through security especially during peak periods (20 minutes. prior to first pitch, promotional days and midweek afternoon games.) and have your tickets ready to be presented to our staff positioned at the entrance to our screening area.
Gate 7 has been designated as our Accessible Support Entrance for guests that may require assistance entering the stadium or getting to their seats. Guest with specific needs should contact the Guest Experience Team at 416-341-1707.
Cell phones, keys or any metal objects must be removed from your person and placed in our bowls before passing through our detectors
If you have any electronics such as tablets, cameras (both stills and video) take them out of any bags and present them to the security officer for manual inspections
Avoid wearing clothes with metal snaps and buttons, belts with large metal buckles, steel-toed shoes or shoes with metal arches or shanks.

Security and event staff will be positioned throughout the perimeter of the stadium at all our entrances as in previous years. Fans with bags will be directed to designated "Bag Only" lanes. Note that bags may not exceed 16x16x8 inches as per MLB regulations. Security personnel will search these bags, just as they have since 2001. All other fans will be directed to our Express (No Bags) lanes. Security staff will be positioned at all inspection lanes and will ask fans to remove their cell phones, keys and any other heavy metal item from their pockets and place them in bowls at the inspection table. Fans will then pass through the walk-through metal detector. If the device detects something, that fan will be checked with a hand-held wand but only in the area where the alert was detected. Only after the screening process is completed will you be permitted into the stadium to have your ticket scanned.

The Blue Jays will continue to allow bags, backpacks and purses, as long as the bags are not larger than 16" x 16" x 8". All bags, including women's purses, will continue to be inspected. Please consider not bringing a bag to the stadium – this will help reduce your wait time at our gates.

Will it be the same for Argos games? Do they or are they planning similar security at other CFL stadiums? Should they if the answer to that is no?

Judging from this pic outside of Fenway in Boston you might want to get to the Rogers today real,real early T-Pat..... :expressionless:

Joe Mack brought American styled security to IGF complete with metal detectors.. God do I hate

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If it were an isolated incident, I would not speak up but I've noticed an ongoing pattern. While I believe in freedom of speech, I believe even more in being respectful of others. This board and these posters deserve better.


Ok Its all in fun really...
Winnipeg is probably the only city in Canada (Edmonton would not be too far behind) that would have a crime rate anywhere even within a few ballparks of what they see in the US.. I guess Winnipeg may have just been reacting to that reality... However,I truely hated Joe Mack.. Anytime they asked him why he was doing something, he always referenced the NFL... Target proved that you can not run a business in Canada by carbon coping an American blue print... I was very very glad to see Mack hit the road..

[url=] ... -cowbells/[/url]

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The metal detectors did create a bit of a bottleneck tonight entering Rogers Centre. Of course it didn't help that it started to rain shortly after the gates opened so many fans got soaked waiting to get in.

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Every Jays fan except you Pat... I know that you never pay for your tickets and thus don't give Rogers your money

Thank you.

100 % agree. No call for that. Rude and disrespectful.
BTW, politics should be kept for a different board.

I do pay for some of my tickets Bungle and when I don't I usually do buy a couple of beers for the friends who invite me. Throw in a hot dog, some beer for myself and some popcorn and Rogers did get over $50 from me last night. But I did get two lovely white towels and a fridge magnet schedule. :slight_smile:

I've got quite the small towel collection going now between those I've gotten at Raptors, Jays and Ti-Cats games.

In addition to the new metal detectors the Rogers Centre's turnstiles all now have built in electronic scanners that you scan your own ticket with to get in. No more of the staff member scanning with a hand held device. The other new thing - a new gate for season ticket holders only on the 100 Level that came in handy last night and would come in handy on other 30,000+ crowd days. I was going to say - I wonder if they would offer Argos season ticket holders the same perk - but it is not like there have been huge lineups at the gates recently for Argos games for that to make a difference.

Nice towel…

Inspired by the Argonauts…

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So, did anyone see the announcement that next season the Air Canada Centre will have metal detectors at the entrances?

It's a new era out there!