Stadium Seats Removed!?

Was at the rugby match today - Canada played sloppily and should have won by a big margin rather than have it end in a tie - but there appeared to be several sections of seats either removed or being in the process of removal in the west upper bowl.

Anybody know what this is about?

Not sure - but I know a bunch of the seats up there are obstucted views because of railings - which was one of the outstanding issues with the stadium constuction. Might they be finally changing some of the railings to plexiglass and they just needed to get some seats out of the way while doing that? Totally a guess on my part. But these are shots I took at eye level when seated in some seats at the Ti-Cats open house a year or two ago.

I noticed that too, I can only presume they are fixing the railings up there and needed to take them out. Only reason I can see as to why. Regardless, they have 3 weeks to get it done.