Stadium seating questions

I don`t think this has been covered before in another thread.
1: As I look at the stadium construction cam and see the west side going up I keep asking myself these questions:
Is that the upper level that I see going up now in the north west area?
2: Looking at an overview of the stadium map it appears there are more seats in the upper east vs the upper west.
I am looking at silver in my case.
3: Is the top of the upper tiers the same height on both sides (the west has club seats or boxes under them)
Is the angle of both sides the same?
4: Last question I promise when will the virtual venue map show individual seat and row numbers? As of now you can see only a selection of rows per section.

Compare the height of each granstand to the height of the lights. The west side is definately higher

Thanks CaptainKirk,
It also looks like the east side uppers are closer to the field.

It appears the upper tier on the West is definitely steeper. The virtual venue shows rails in front of the seats in the West upper deck (similar to the rails in the upper deck at Skydome). I don't see any such rails on the East upper deck. Also, looking at the floor relative to the height of the seatbacks/cupholders, the seatback/cupholder in front of you appears noticeably lower for the seats in the West upper deck.

I also noticed that in lots of sections there are fewer cupholders than seats (due to how the pattern of seats and cupholders in a row gets broken at the aisle). Don't know if that's how it will actually be put together, or if it's a quirk of how the virtual stadium is modeled/rendered. You see a similar scenario at some movie theaters where cupholders are mounted on the backs of seats. Not that we aren't accustomed to setting things down between our feet from Ivor Wynne. :wink:

Looks that way to me as well. First few rows of the East side upper tier seem to offer the equivalent view of the more expensive Club seats on the the West side. Of course, the East side faces into the sun though. There is also some upper tier Platinum seating on the East, but the only upper tier Platinum on the West is Wheelchair seating.

Looks to me like the best value in the house is the Gold seating in the first few rows of the upper tier West side. Given how much farther the sidelines and player benches will be from the front row now, those Gold seats are probably the best in the house outside of Wheelchair or Club seats. (I have no problem with making that middle upper tier Platinum section Wheelchair seating, by the way). I'm just a little bit surprised the upper tier front rows flanking the Wheelchair section aren't Platinum as well. Gold holders with maximum seniority are getting the sweetest deal in the park, IMHO.

Starting to think that the East side upper deck if we can be lower down in silver could be a better fit.
With the height of the west bleachers it may not be such a factor with the sun. Sun glasses are always an option!

I agree, but a lot of fans like to sit behind the cats bench. Why would they share the same side of the field??? It will be harder to make subs for both teams.