Stadium Searches

When I went to Fridays game with my kids as I entered the staduim I was stopped by security who wanted to search what I was carrying in. I don't have a problem with the searches, I just thought it funny because I was only carrying by 1998 Eastern Champs seat cushion which by now is about one inch think. There must be some new slim beer containers out there that I don't know about. What I found even funnier later sitting in the non-drinking family section was a few older men passing whisky back and forth from a large gym bag.

Does anyone have any unusual search stories?

They did the same thing to my sister with the seat cushion a few weeks ago. There were lots of these stories floating around a few weeks ago. Funny thing is that I walked in with a backpack and a purse and they didn't ask me to search either.

I too have had my seat cushion searched, only my seat cushion is a bit of an upgrade. Known as the lounge lizard, my cushion actually opens up and has a back.

Anyway, at some games I have been asked to open my seat cushion to see if I have any “illegal” or “banned” items, other games I have not. My cushion also has an outside pocket. So I am more than happy to open my cushion up to show the empty inside. Meanwhile, I have a bottle of water in the outside pocket.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have been a bad boy. I hope this doesn’t impact Bob’s bottom line too much, and hopefully security is not reading this. They may hunt me down, confiscate my beloved lounge lizard, and ban me from IWS forever.

The moral of the story, searches like this are pointless. People who are aware of the policies will, within reason, find ways to smuggle things in.

If only that cushion could hide a six pack, and keep it cold. Hmm… sounds like a good marketing scheme.


6 pack beer=$20 canvas shorts with 4 deep pockets from old navy

a mickey=empty binocolar case


I wonder how much booze you can get in kid's sippy cups? Although I'm sure those aren't allowed in either....

i walked in with a mcdonalds cup and french fries and no one said anything to me.

There was this older guy at one of the Habs games i went to this year that had a shoulder harness that held about 8 of those cold shots beers underneath his shirt. It was pretty awesome.

As a seasoned booze-sneaker-in-er, i ahve found many reliable and efficent ways of doing such. Diaper bag is always good, eye drop bottles, backpack (who would have seen this coming) in socks, strapped to legs, empty binocoulars case, old radio (it was great coversion to a oooler). I dont do this because im criminal or an alchoholic, ive just always done it because it was always fun finding a enw way to do it. Best ever was in an empty flash light. I use it for "better sight on the way out" haha

Eye drop that must hold a lot of booze?? Doesnt really seem worth it does it? :roll:

Well how do you like this??? As usuall we had our "Primus" cooler bag ( we carry a pair of windbreakers in it along with the camera in the pouch). This time when entering Melrose Gate they searched it and found 2 empty water bottles...thinking... "Now I'm going to hear about it" from the cop standing nearby...but the guy said...Oh you can bring water into the Stadium....I said since when????...."Oh you always could as long as it was just no more than 2 small bottles!"

What????? :o and to think ...we devoted a whole thread or two to water at the stadium! Still havn't heard from the "Chief" and doubt I ever will.

Oh and I see from some earlier posters that the "police" are doing a fine job of stopping drunks & booze in the "family section"! :roll:

By the complaints from me about the service at the stadium...or the long lines...All I went for was a smoke a couple of times...and in spite of the score of the game...the smoking area although quite crowded (what's that tell you?) was very civil! :thup:

Win, lose or draw, at least the beer is cold and I didn't have to wait in a line to get one.
Excellent job TiCats, keep up the good work here.


ya id rather have cold beer with no line ups than a winning team :smiley:


They know you're a special VIP. :stuck_out_tongue:

DB - you forgot to put quotation marks around the word “special”… lol

I miss the good old days:

Back in the early 90's they used to have guys with guitars playing underneath the stands before and after the game and during halftime. Jake the Snake and I were rocking to one of the regular acts at half time when two guys walk up with a gym bag full of ice and 24 Blue. They set it down and cracked a couple open like they were standing in a buddies back yard.

Jake and I made friends with them and shared some of their fine Pilsner (not a big Blue fan, but the beer of choice that year was Pabst Brown Ribbon - anything was better than that @#^&).

1998 Seat cushions are dangerous ,the Ti-Cats are making a recall to fix them ,er...they checked mine too Friday night,I laughed at the guy . :stuck_out_tongue: