Stadium Report Released

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This report has spurned a new $1M "feasability study" funded jointly by the 3 levels of government and the Rider organization.

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In layman's terms:

We're going to have an updated, modern facility by 2013 for our turn at the Grey Cup.

same location? I think it would be sad would not be the same as taylour field :frowning: as a park around the league it would lose its image for sure much like what happened in the NHL with the blackhawks

The report on the dome has layouts for CFL, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and baseball – But it doesn’t have a layout for a series of curling sheets???

What country do they think this is?

I wish they wouldn’t make a dome stadium…football was meant to be played outdoors!!

Right on!

Good points about football being better outdoors, and about curling being forgotten, but the fact of the matter remains.

Football is a 50 day a year booking. What about the other 306 days a year? I want the pain or the pleasure of having a domed facility for this reason alone.

Yes I said pain. I am willing to watch and suffer along if this city and province go broke because someone did it for me when Taylor Field was built. They took a huge risk back then, and now it's our turn. Besides, it'll be pretty easy to forget about the taxes when you are watching your favorite band or personality on stage like never before.


I actually wish they would build it in stoon haha before you all yell at me i only say this because i wouldnt have to drive as far the riders out of regina would not be right im just sick of driving 400kms to ever game and 400kms back BUT i do think a dome would be kick ass for other events as weel.

Saying football should be played outdoors is like saying hockey should be played on a pond!

Do the math over again... 365-50= 315...

I do see, however, what you are saying about a multi-use facility. Its definitely not a certainty that it will be built-- this is still very much in the talking stage, and look for the NIMBY's to come out full force once a proposal is put forth.