Stadium Ready For Home Opener

Infrastructure ON spokesman is lying and or candy-coating the disaster that is THF in ....5...4...3...2

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[b]New stadium will be ready for Ticats home opener: builder

The new Hamilton stadium will be ready in time for the Ticats home owner, the builder announced on Tuesday
Garreth Barkey, site supervisor for Ontario Sports Solutions, the consortium building the $145-million stadium, said he expects to have the facility prepared for the July 26 game versus the Ottawa Redblacks.

"I'm confident that we're going to make the date," Barkey said.

The stadium is about three weeks behind schedule, Barkey said, and while it was originally slated to be delivered by June 30, Barkey acknowledged they won't hit that target. Instead, they are aiming for "substantial completion" in late July with the finishing touches added over the ensuing two to eight weeks.

"Substantial completion means you're watching a game in the stadium," Barkey said "There could some areas that need a final coat of paint, some of the exterior landscaping may not be planted but as a fan, you'll come and see the Ticats and enjoy a good fan experience."

Ticat team president Glenn Gibson said he doesn't think fans will mind if the stadium is still in need of a little spit and polish.
"I think 80 per cent of fan enjoyment comes from seeing our team win - that's a strong pull towards customer satisfaction," Gibson said. "I think the other 20 per cent is amenities, food and beverage and things like that.
"I think fans are just going to be so happy to be in a stadium, they'll be forgiving on the little things."[/b]

Are we going to be able to buy single tickets to the opener anytime soon?

I would assume so (if there are many left) as they have had 3 game flex packs on sale for about a week now and one of those is the Inaugural game 3 pack. Apparently those and the Labour Day 3 packs were selling very well when they first went on sale last week when I talked to somebody in the ticketing office that day.

I bought single tickets for the home opener weeks ago. I also have tickets to the Ottawa opener but I had to buy a mini package for that.

Just curious Slim,but you say you have tickets for both Hamilton and Ottawa home openers,so who are you a fan of the Cats or the RB's ? Where are you located living wise? Hamilton region ? Ottawa region ? or somewhere inbetween ? Also before I forget welcome to the forum,always nice to see new members :thup: :smiley:

Sort of in between, lived in Ottawa for 18 years and now in Collingwood for the summer and Florida the rest of the time.
We got tickets to the Hamilton home opener through our Ottawa group the "Renegade Nation" all ex-Renegade season ticket holders, you will see us at the THF opener wearing black and red of course, around 30 of us.
..........but I grew up in Hamilton and was a long time Tiger-Cat fan.