Stadium Rd.

Hey : This in regards too imsayin's request and petition to rename it to the GIZ.
But in all do respects to the Giz he does deserve it but actually I really think the best way to rename Stadium Rd.
Even though I am from Saskatchewan and a long die hard fan of the ESK's and always will be.
The rd. should be and I hope alot of Edmonton people agree, it should be renamed in the honor of a greatman and coach.
To * FARAGALLI WAY * that will be a great name for it, come on Edmont don't you agree ? I sure hope you do cuz that is a man who would deserve it.

I don't think he did as much for the city and the team as the Giz did. He should have his name up on the wall, but have the street named agter him, no.

The Giz not only adopped Edmonton as his home but has gone to schools to talk to the kids and so much more. I beleave he has done more for Edmonton than the Great One has.

Its a nice gesture by liqourpig to suggest that, but i do agree with tmfm that the Giz is more deserving of the honour. Maybe the CFL could do an award named after him-- the Joe Faragalli award which would go to assistant coaches for their work and would be a great way to recognize them and Faragalli

I don’t know about Alberta but in Quebec you cannot name a street until the person is dead (5years after I believe)
That being said I don’t feel that a street should be named after a sports figure! There must be people far more deserving of that honour

They named a freeway after Wayne Gretzky.

I just heard that they are going to name a new Casino in Vegas after his wife..... :lol: