Stadium Question

I was wondering if the new Frank Clair Stadium was originally going to have the decks closer to the sideline than the original? The reason that I ask is because the Lansdowne Live group have said that they would have to move the southside deck back to accomodate a soccer pitch, even though Frank Clair hosted a handful of games in the FIFA tournament a few years ago. Seeing the stadium on tv, the seats looked like they were pretty close to the sideline.

The Lansdowne Live group has stated that the stadium will be re-designed to give better site-lines. I thought the old stadium had good site-lines, this will be even better. I think the new south side stands will be built closer to the field and will be "angled or rounded" to give better site. Both North and south will have new teflon type roofs.

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Good, we'll be able to fry eggs up there.

Until the Glebe complains, of course. :roll:

As long as there's no Mardi Gras celebration everything should be good to go me thinks. :wink:

yes, I was there for Mard Gras and then they brought in the cowboy that was supposed to lead the crowd in singing "Sweet Caroline". I felt sorry for the guy it was hillarious, the crowd just booed him off the field. The Gliebermans had good intentions but you have to know your audience. The crowd singing Sweet Caroline work in other cities but it didn't work here, they just didn't know the Ottawa crowd.
As for Mardi Gras - they should have know that Ottawa women will lift their tops and flash their T**s anywhere without a lot of encouragement.


I met Lonie Glieberman a couple of times and he talked about that singer. The guy was a friend of his and apparently after the last time he performed, he was pretty devastated at being booed like that.

Lonie says that he tried to encourage and started to explain to him "You know, there are different kinds of fame..." :lol:

That just cracked me up. He's right, kind of, but fame for looking like a clown in front of thousands is probably not the kind of fame you want.

when construction due to start

The proposal isn't even approved yet, but if it is, construction would apparently begin in mid 2011 or so.

Hey CRF, if this approved we will be going out for a drink, I visit Ottawa from time to time as the wife is from Ottawa, French speaking lower ville. And we must do this!!!! I'm serious!!!

I think if and when the OK is given for this project, all the supporters on this forum who are local should get together and celebrate, possibly at the Local Hero's bar and grill on Merivale rd.
Last I knew it was Mark Kosmos place!

You're on. :thup: I've appreciated the support from the non-Ottawa fans around here.

Isn't Local Heroes technically on Bank Street?

It's literally on Bank street, but there are three or four locations. You two are referring to two different ones.

Jeff Hunt was just on Primetime with Bob Mccown. Here are a few numbers straight from the horses mouth.

23,000 - 24,000 seats. Hunt did say seats can be added for playoffs and the Grey Cup but did not give a number.

The plan is for it to have artificial turf. :thdn:

42 private boxes.

I also heard the interview.
It sounds like the RR may not be back in name only as Jeff said with a new start, a new stadium well maybe a new name was necessary.
A few other interesting notes that came out was the capacity of the stadium at between 23,000-24,000 with room to expand for the Grey Cup.
Anywhere from 42-50 private boxes and the design would be similar to the BMO design. Personally I hope this is not the case in any fashion as to me BMO is a dump.
The other most important date being the return in 2013, as if the final hurdle is completed construction will start in the spring of 2011 with a two yeard duration and the completion in time for the start of the 13 season.

I don’t know where you heard the thing about the BMO stadium. You can go to the citys website and see the design and description of the stadium. There will be no temporary bolt together stands like BMO. The south side will be built from the ground up with a Teflon type roof over the stands, the field will be re-aligned and the North side will be re-designed to give better site lines.
This stadium will be the only one in Canada purpose built for football.

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Wrong. McMahon Stadium was built for football.

Not built for track. A track wouldn't even fit.
Not built for baseball. You couldn't even play there unless you want a field with 240 foot foul pole.
Not built for soccer. Although it can be used for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey.

Jeff Hunt said the desgner of the stadium was the same one that was involved with the BMO.
I agree with you, hopefully it will not have the same bleacher like construction because I can tell you from my attendance at BMO, the entire side shook and it felt like a high school type patch job.

Why is the seating small. I thought initially it was supposed to 26k, which is still on the small side.

Small seating? It's going to seat 24,000, which will be the same as Montreal when they expand. Not sure about standing room. Or when you say small seating do you mean the width of seats? I think all seats are going to be the standard flip up/down fiberglass/plastic seats. Hope "bench seats" are a thing of the past.
But around 24k would be ideal, its better to have all seats filled rather than have a 30,000 seat stadium with 6,000 empty seats. Montreal does a great job of marketing with 21,000 seats and can brag about sell outs game after game.

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