Stadium names

In the age of coporate names--(ie; Rogers Centre), its nice to see that the CFL hasnt given in too much to naming their stadium after a sponsor. Winnipeg did recently with Canad-Inns Stadium, but for the most part the rest remain unchanged, and hopefully will stay that way.

Not quite a coporate name!
The facility, now in its 89th year of operation, is named in memory of Captain Percival Molson, a McGill University football, hockey and track star and member of the well-known Molson family, who died in World War I and bequeathed $75,000 towards the construction of a stadium.

OK I stand corrected, and not to take away from the point I was trying to make, it is now fixed.

Well if you edit your post it makes mine unnecessary and kinda pointless :lol:

…like most of the rest of your posts?


just kidding… :lol:

The point I was trying to get across , was the cheap money grab by teams to name stadiums after a corporate sponsor, and you have to admit,Percival Molson sound a lot like a coporation rather than an individual.

I always thought it was a corporate name....right up until a couple minutes ago....

wasnt very recently winnipeg named it Canad-Inns Stadium....

I read in the edmonton journal that the city is thinking of having commonwealth renamed after a corporate sponsor after this season. :frowning:

It was in 2001 that the name changed to Canad-Inns Stadium, so 5 yrs was recent to me.

that means Halifax can now take the commonwealth stadium name..haha

I believe the in Winnipeg goes to the football team as the BB manage the stadium. Would same hold true in Edmonton? There is nothing wrong with this concept if the in question primarily went to the CFL team in most of the stadiums involved.

if they changed the name to 'blank' field, it could sound better.

commonweatlh stadium is an ugly name, IMO...the only problem is your selling tradition.

I have no problem with it. They named it that for the same reason they named it Olympic stadium

Its better than Rexall place...sounds like its a giant drug store..

yes, rexal place is a horrible name.

corporate names on stadiums doesn't bother me much, I'd rather have that then other things (like ads on the field).

heck, I just call Canada Inn Stadium, Winnipeg Stadium regardless.

it's no big deal. I would rather have them be Fair Clair, Commonwealth, Winnipeg, etc. but corporate names, especially if they help build the stadium (as I recon we will see in the future) and/or help out the club.

funny how noone likes advertising on football fields, but dont mind them on hockey rinks / boards.

what I hate it the virtual ads that that you see on NFL broadcasts with the virtual first done line!

.....yeah, but it's funny when the virtual first down line starts to move.....all on its own.....