Stadium Name Chg

Yes...l'm deeply deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Mr. Football, Bobby Ackles. He in my mind is Mr. C.F.L. in my eyes. l attended my first ever BC Lion's football game at Empire Stadium back in 1964. l remember the good ol days and little did l or anyone know that little Bobby Ackles would become who we all know and love to this very day. The amount of hours he put in was truly his love for the Canadian Football League! Truly a great great Canadian Sports Hall of Famer and he deserves all the acoulades that is befitting of who became so influential in both Canada and the United States. l'm so thankful that he came out of retirement because he knew in his heart that he didnt want our beloved BC Lions or the CFL to die.

He has left us his legacy for all of us to remember for all time. Thank you to his wife Kay and his family for their love of Bobby Ackles and for keeping his dreams and our dreams of seeing our BC Lions become the successful franchise that this was meant to be in the Canadian Football League.

l truly would like to see BC Place Stadium be renamed
Bobby Ackles Stadium when the new roof is completed.

A statue and a memorial plaque to honor him for all that he given to us here in BC and to all Canadians.

Lets start a campaign everyone to make this so!! This would be a great gesture to him and to his family for
all that he has done for our community!!

Yes without a doubt BC Place should chg it's name to Ackles Stadium This should B done as quickly as possiable. And oh yes change Griffths way 2 Bob Ackles Dr

Absolutely. Bob Ackles place. Without him, there's no BC Lions probably.

Hi again. l created a sig to honor Mr. Football, Bobby Ackles and on a side note ....l know we wished Mr. Ackles could be here to witness what the revamped home of our B.C. Lions would look like. But it is comforting to know that his beloved family will hopefully be excited and happy knowing thru there eyes what Bobby Ackles would have seen. My sincerest condolences to the Ackles family and to the entire B.C. Lions Football Organization! You'll be missed very much sir!

All good posts. Bobby Ackles "revived" this franchise in the Province more than once. It is a sad passing, and he will be missed.

He will truly be missed. Lets hope the league does something in his Honor. As you know the lions will. I wish his family all the best during these trying times.

its not up to the league. Its up to the BC govt, and no way does ahole campbell have the class and decency to do this.

They should at least rename a road after him.The road would be around a lot longer than the stadium.

The media has jumped on the bandwagon. CKNW were talking about re-naming the Stadium.


VICTORIA – Premier Gordon Campbell released the following statement today regarding the passing of BC Lions president and CEO Bob Ackles.

        “I know British Columbians’ hearts and prayers go out to the many family, friends and colleagues of Bob Ackles. Bob was a visionary who selflessly put his community, his province and his country before himself.

        “From his early beginnings as a water boy with the BC Lions, Bob’s life is an inspiration to many of us. He worked his way up to Lions general manager where he oversaw the team’s move from Empire Stadium to BC Place. His talents and determination led him to the NFL where he served as vice-president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. After serving in senior positions with other NFL teams, Bob returned home in 2002 to become president and CEO of the BC Lions.

“Bob’s dedication to his community went beyond football. In addition to his work with the Lions, Bob also served on the board of directors for the Vancouver YMCA. In 1986 he won the Schenley Award for his contributions to the CFL. In 2002 he was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. In 2004, he was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame. In 2005 Bob was honoured with the Jack Diamond Award by the Jewish Community Centre as Sportsman of the Year.

“The Canadian football family has lost a true champion. He was generous in his spirit and adamant in his belief that football in Canada is a community game. He reached out across the province to the youngest fan and the oldest football aficionado. He built a team and as he did, he strengthened our province and our country.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Kay and the family in this most difficult time. Our gratitude goes out to them for sharing Bob throughout their lives together.

“Our province has lost a great British Columbian today. Bob’s determination, dedication and commitment to the BC Lions, the fans and his community serve as an example of exemplary citizenship that all British Columbians can be proud of.?

Ya, real asshole comments :roll:

Haven't heard any more about re-naming the Stadium.

The Football Hall Of Fame that Ackles wanted to start seems to be gaining momentum. I see Scotia Bank is on board now. :thup: