Stadium Lights

Does anyone know if they changed the lights a IWS, Monteal was my first night game this year and it was hard to see the players. I can remember the lights shining of the players helmets, and the whole field being bright but this game everything just looked grey. I did notice that the south-west part of the endzone was brighter that the rest of the field. ?????? Energy saver bulbs???????

We should go back to afternoon games. Saturday afternoon.

IWS has terrible lighting It is very dark in there if you go to Montreal it is very bright on the field even at MacMaster games the lighting there is way better .

i think part of the reason is the field turf. the turf is darker than the astroturf that was used before

It also last longer and cause less Injurys

i dont think they have made changes to the lights, its been like this since they changed the turf...i also dont think its that bad

Its definitely dark, it always has been, long before the new turf

The ones in the southwest corner are definitely brighter than the rest.
That's the new light standard that replaced the one that got knocked over by the storm last winter.

I'm not sure about all the facts but being someone that lives right by the stadium I have noticed that there is alot of nights in the last season and a half that they have turned on the lights and left them on when there is no one using them, alot. We were thinking about complaining since its really wastefull but there have been alot of break ins recently so we left it alone.

My girlfriend was commenting on the lights.........she noticed that many bulbs were burned out, especially on the north side.

The Tigervision is also so bright that if you look at it too long and then look away, everything saeems darker in comparison.

We did notice the difference in the extra brightness of the new lights on the standard which replaced the one that fell down and got a boo-boo last winter.

They have replaced the metal and the iron works that holds the lights …( witnessed my self ) but was not sure how much work to the actual lights …This was after the section fell …

Like others, I noticed that there's a spot just across the goal line on the south side of the west end zone that is really bright. I have been to games in Montreal too and I agree, the lighting is good. I was in Calgary this weekend and the lighting seemed to be OK, maybe a little better than IWS.


I will agree there is times the lights are on but i can’t see a need to complain about it.Maybe
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I live right here at the stadium gates let me tell you if the lights are on it is late night soccer or lately alot of lacrosse practice and games that end late after 11 pm but when they are done a city staffer has to come and turn them off ( that could take the hole shift ) …The city doesn’t have someone that stands by the stadium like MR Newrick back in the 70’s 80’s a very missed valued employee of the city of hamilton was posted at the stadium for 25 years …Was the key holder and stadium superintendent … Passed away unfortunately Mr newrick and old Scotty and Ray jones use to play cribbage in the green room till dark and lights off …Back in the ballard days …

Just thought id throw that in there …alot of history for me living across the street from the stadium my hole life …

Same lights...they are just lower to the turf.

Makes a big difference.

its an old place :lol: When you get old as i am finding out you just do not shine as bright as before.