Stadium Lighting.......I thought it was better.

I'm going out on a limb here and hoping I'm "allowed" to post this in the Tiger-Cats forum....but at any rate, I think the stadium lighting was much better last night due to the light bulb change the City of Hamilton did last week....

Anyone else notice the improvement?

Thanks in advance for any responses as I've got to scoot...

Happy "Day After Beating the Argos" Everyone!


So its even brighter now ? Maybe ill have to bring some shades for june 24th 8)

The person to ask how much better the lighting is would be Gary Yokoyama. He shot the game for the Spec. If anyone can tell you if or how much better the lighting was it would be a photographer who has shot there in the past.

Looked better to me to Mike.

Didn't notice a significant difference

Sitting on the north stands it is obvious that the lights are aimed incorrectly. They are diracted too horizontally.That is the lights in the south stands are aimed at the north stands and not the field.

if you really wanna know if they were better ask Dj. He was saying how bad they were before so i wonder if this changed his mind.

You would be correct in thinking the lighting at Ivor Wynne has improved. The City has replaced the entire bulb sets and personally could see the difference.

I didnt noticed the new lights, but that has been a pet peeve of mine for some time that its to dark on the field and the shadows of the player on the field.Hope fully the new lights will was long overdue.

It must have been brighter...the security guard who walked in front of our seats every 2 mins or so had sunglasses on long after the sun went down....

Not one burnt out bulb in the place ... I took special notice.