Stadium Interference????

I was going through a few tapped Ti-cat games from this year on my video recorder, especially the game in Regina on Sunday August 16th, I noticed on many plays that when the fans in the crowd were cheering for the rough riders and wanted more noise for their defense and to shout out our offense, the person in control of the stadium sound system and fireworks that shoot out of their goal posts, started firing off the system while Porter and later Glenn were trying to call out their offensive signals, all of this on-top of the typical Regina weather of rain and wind that were hammering the cats that game.

I always thought that the crowd could do whatever they wanted to a degree to make noise for their home team but I never thought that the host stadium could also be blasting the music or sound effects or fire works while the other teams offense was calling signals, I thought this was illegal, but I guess not or maybe Regina did it and got away with it????

If this is the case, that the home stadium can add to the noise level, than when we play our remaining home games or especially our last home game against Regina, our person in charge of the sound system and FX should be firing off cannons, radar sirens and have pre-recorded sounds of thousands of fans shouting defense at ear breaking decibels when the Regina Roughies QB Darian Durant calls his signals so the ball will fly over his head on snaps, it seems to have worked and added to the atmosphere for the Riders fans.

Go Cats Go!!!

I remember seeing that incident during the game and wondered if it was deliberate or accidental. The timing of it sure looked suspicious. We should then have our drum corps blasting away for all of Saskatchewan's plays.

I agree that firework that shot off during that FG attempt was poor timing and looked pretty Bad. But I've been to hundreds of games and I have never seen it happen before, nor have I seen or heard of it being done while opposing teams are in offensive huddles. I have seen fans bring sirens and shoot off roman candles though. But now stadium security catches all that at the gates. The announcer at Mosaic is Horrible and never shuts up, and is way too loud and could be turned down a notch.

Holy Cow, Roman Candles?? I bet you that scared the hell out of opposition QB!!

Eat Em Raw Ti-Cats!!!

Montreal use to be bad for that kind of interference one year the Ti-Cats actually had to cut the speaker wires they were so close to the team bench, it's almost like they don't know when to cheer in Montreal
LETS MAKE SOME NOISE IS YELLED constantly through out the game but it is a good place to watch a game

Montreal and Hamilton are great places to watch football and the best sidelines in the CFL. That must have been amazing sound speakers near the opposition bench, it sounds like the days when Don Matthews coached in Montreal and he was caught for using video cameras in the locker rooms and than later something about listening devices being used so they could hear the conversations and thought that this was legal in the CFL.

I guess anything in the CFL is legal if you don't get caught.

Eat Em Raw TI-CATS!!!

I can't recall when but I'm pretty sure one year a home team (Montreal??) was penalized because the stadium sound system was being used to throw off the opposing teams offense.

What's a video recorder? :?

Cant pump Crowd noise into the stadium like done on a weekly basis in the NFL.....?????
is on my way to the rule book ....

Just for my opinion im pretty sure that for fair play it should be against CFL rules but then again when ya get caught ya just say oh yeah .."Although we have used the services of this individual in the past, it has been in the area of personnel scouting, including tracking of Canadian and CIS [Canadian Interuniversity Sport] players." Lame O but it worked .. .

The sound guy would get fired if the CFL came knocking Blame him he don't work for the tiger-cats he works for the Ivor wynne stadium which is owned by the City of Hamilton . Lame -O but would work if CFL is consistent with handling matters brought to the leagues attention .

So the thread ask's Stadium Interference???? no never not from the Hamilton tiger-cat's organization..

Technically, if the home team's fans deliberately impedes the visiting team's ability to put the ball into play, the home team is liable for a 15 yard penalty.

Practically however, the crowd is allowed to make whatever noise they can be it by lung power, horns, drums, sirens, bells or otherwise. Where teams have been penalized is when noise from the stadium's PA system has been used to disrupt the visiting offence after the huddle is broken.

I'm pretty sure the use of the PA system after breaking the huddle is explicitly prohibited in the rule book. I can recall a game in Hamilton where Saskatchewan's then head coach Danny Barret made the officials aware that Hamilton was pumping artificial "DE-FENCE" cheers through the PA while his team was calling audibles at the line. Hamilton was subsequently penalized for illegal use of the sound system.