Stadium in Moncton

How is the progress for the new stadium in Moncton (I think its for track and field) going? What is the possibility of it being able to hold a cfl team or an exibition game at least?

News to me. I think it would be great to see for New Brunswick; but I still think they are going back to Ottawa and then Halifax of Quebec will get a team before Moncton. Just look at the difference in population density of those cities in comparison.
The only selling point is it's proximity to Fredricton and St. John, so all of them combined might come close to matching a bigger metropolitan area.

Man i dont care where they want to bring in a few new teams, i just want it done...
Ottawa no doubt is closest to having their team coming back, but as for that, id like to see 2 more teams enter the league withing 6 years, make it bigger and more competitive, and then id like to see 12 teams or so in the CFL within 10 years or so, thatd be fantastic.

More teams, more competition, more demand for Canadian college players, more gate revenue ... they just need to build a few stadiums.

You make it sound so easy, 1st you need a owner who is willing to lose money and a private investor that will foot a large portion of the bill for a new stadium. So far only 1 investor was willing to step forward and put his money where his mouth was. I hope, people honestly don't think that the feds or provincial GOV. are going to be primary investors in stadium construction.
If you don't have a name of a investor, please don't bother posting about new stadiums and new franchises, it's a complete waste of time.

Trust me. If the CFL goes to 12 teams, the new owners will not be losing money for long. Becasue the TV contract the CFL will get will jump exponentially with a truly national league from coast to coast. It may not equal the NHL's, but it will come close. Because TV ratings will jump with new teams. There will be new markets to exploit. More rivalries. Its a no brainer if somebody somewhere can build a bloody stadium!

Its true no one really expects the government to, but people just don't understand why the government is being so dum about certain things like 80 year old stadiums that have made them money hand over foot for like 80 years. Investing in a stadium like that in our Nations Capital is i guess up to whether the government wants to make money or not.

Its like the puzzling decision to not help the Canucks out back in the mid-90's when we all know that without the Canucks here in Vancouver it would kill any sort of spirit or life left in this city, in turn, causing a far bigger money loss when people move away because there's nothing to do.

GM Place has become a huge contributor to this city and the city could've been making money off of it, the federal government, provincial, instead they only get a piece of the taxes (which still brings them TONNES of money each hockey game, concert, event) and GM Place is going year round with the worlds top performers always. Someone please explain how that could possibly lose money for a government investing in it? Quite frankly, it doesn't. I've gone over the numbers tonnes of times, not only does the government get a share of the profits they get the taxes too on two different levels, not to mention whatever the team pays in taxes to the city and different levels of government.

I say it again look at BC Place stadium, could you imagine if the government never built that? I don't even think we would've got Expo and before Expo Vancouver was a dead zone. There was NO WORK, NOTHING! Then Expo and the world saw us and we boomed ever since, same thing people will realize about the olympics (spend money to make money). With these big events you're always going to take a loss at first, like Expo did, but now because of that the city has made billions of dollars in things that can be directly tied to the impact of Expo 86 still to this day, and now the olympics is starting to have its impact. BC Place would bring in even more money if it wasn't so hot in there in the summer, now the roof is going to cure that and BC will have its money back in 5 years tops and then will be sitting on money with events 365 days a year, and you can bet this current governent wishes they had some kind of piece of GM Place.

I mean Pacific Coliseum still has a lot of events, and will be getting Olympics, and what does all those things mean for the City of Vancouver? Nothing but money, Coliseum gets its first renovations in ages and have more than paid itself off 20 years ago. Every event that goes there is nothing but money. World Juniors, Memorial Cup, Vancouver Giants, lots of big name concerts still, as some artists prefer the sound of the Coliseum. So here you have a stadium from 1967 that people were probably sounding the alarm about funding a stadium back in the 60's, now look at it, its something the city can't even really be without, its guaranteed revenue for this city, not just revenue but profits too. They were smart and built the PNE and all that together too. Even the Agrodome got reno's too, and that arena has paid itself off too and still does to the city getting back into hosting the WWE and some other nice events.

I know they want to make sure its going to go down right because nobody wants the Big O in their back yard (altho when I was out in Montreal it was cool to see, but man people are right when they say that thing is nowhere near the city, it really is nowhere near it. Don't see how you could build it in the city tho either even back when it was built because Montreal has the same population then as it does now pretty much.

Either way its pretty safe to say if you're not hiring for discriminatory reasons and dumping money into it because the guy speaks english or he's from Ontario or Ottawa and you go with whose going to give you some solid construction and a nice looking place that will last Ottawa lets say 40-50 years with minor reno's down the road to keep it up and Ottawa will have some pretty nice events, add a make shift dome or something where you can use it during the Winter and Ottawa will have some premo events as our Nations Capital should.

I really like what i'm hearing about Quebec City, I hope they can push for 20,000 seats somewhere and try and make a go of it. I think they'll do awesome if they stick with it. Before you know it even Quebec (espescially since the Nordiques) will see the viability of building a stadium to bring teams and people into Quebec. Could you imagine the economic boost of a Grey cup in Quebec City? The oldest city in North America, there's tonnes of marketing you could do with that. Big time.

It’s only a waste of your time if you read and reply to it.

Let people post whatever they want. If you don’t like it, ignore it.

No !

Well hey, i say the CFL should try and get a few guys with a few balls willing to invest, cause id really love to see more than 8 flipping teams in the league, sure i love the CFL more than the NFL, by far, but 10 - 12 teams wouldnt hurt and would be perfect, but maybe be4 we find new teams, we should do something about some of the pitifull stadiums around the league... Hamiliton is TERRIBLE, it looks like my backyard, if anything thats the first place that should be rebuilt, and considering Sask. sells every game out, maybe look to expand on the stadium or build something that hold 40,000 seats minimum, im sure they could come close to selling out 40,000 seats a game. Montreal seems fine, idk if they sell out usually but if they do, they should look to usuing Olympic Stadium more often, but yea, itd be nice to see some of this crap done within 5 - 7 years, its getting kinda pittifull

Eskimo, this is what I have been saying for the past few years on this site.
The league needs to think bigger, because the market is there just waiting to be tapped.
Quebec and Halifax are prime markets.
And one more team in southern Ontario would be a good idea as well to attract more Ontario viewers.
I know my home town of London, Ontario would be a huge CFL success.
And about the current stadiums in this league.
You are right on.
You have nice stadiums like Edmonton, BC and Toronto.
Then you ahve the rest. Which are so old its only a matter of time before they turn to dust!
If the league wants to continue to struggle to make ends meet, stay at 8 teams in the same old stadium.
But I think they should be planning for something bigger then that.

For the record, I am quite aware that it is not as easy as building some new stadiums vanhalendlrband . But the essential question is why the lack of stadiums. I feel that it has been a major failure of the League. When the CFL began to face economic hardship in the mid 80s (in the face of rapid expansion by every other major sports league), the CFL not only lost a generation of fans, they lost a generation of partners (business and civic).

The CFL brand appears to be on the rise, but civic leaders do not seem to feel that there will be significant economic benefits to having teams. For any franchise to work, you need business partners to run the team and civic partners to build infrastructure. In the US (and Canadian cities when there is even a remote chance for NHL level hockey), cities fall all over themselves to build or upgrade, because they see some direct and indirect benefits. The CFL as failed as a league in showing its material benefits to potential CFL cities. Indeed, one can argue that in the CFL's largest markets, the League is second, or third team in importance. There are many influential people in Toronto that long for the CFL to disappear to open the way for the NFL. In Ottawa, they had to almost beg the city council to support their bid to renew Lansdowne, and in Montreal, the Als needed the help of a U2 concert to generate some positive interest in the league.

I believe in the CFL and I want all the teams to succeed, but this League seems interested only in treading water. We need to convince premiers and mayors that the league will benefit them (economically and politically). If the politicians see some sort of gain, they will be more willing to commit to infrastructure development that will benefit football and the league will have avenues for growth.

I do agree with you berezin.
But, I am having a difficult time in understanding your market.
When they built that high school stadium of yours, TD waterhouse, just like what they are doing in Moncton.
What the heck were they thinking.
Why did they not canvass the private community to see if there was CFL interest and gauge the possibility of invetments by same and if positive, then build a real size 30,000 seater?
With all of the funding available, be it provincial and federal, just like the BMO stadium which the city was able to access, I can't believe the short sightedness involved.

I wrote the mayor of this town with the same question, but of course never heard back from her.
I remember people were saying how great this TD Waterhouse Stadium was.
But the thing is outside of Mustang football, its too big for anything else played there.
And its too small to attract a league like the CFL.
So it sits empty most of the time.
The people running this town think too small.
Not sure if you've heard about our downtonw arena, the John Labatts Centre.
The KNights sellout every game there, almost 10,000 a game, with a 2000 person waiting list for season tickets.
Yet before the thing was built, the city was afraid 10,000 seats were too many believe or not!
They were afraid the demand wouldn't be there for hockey or concerts.
Thing is demand far exceeds the number of seats.
So I guess like TD stadium, not much was done as far as surveying the public goes.
So the fact they built this nickel and dime facility TD Waterhouse stadium is no surprise.
Thats how London thinks. Small time.

Thanks for your response berezin.
Oh yes the politicians strike again and it appears like in most places in Canada, be it Halifax and QC, London also has no political will. Is your current mayor the one you have not received a response from? If so, silence speaks volumes and there is no chance?
That aside and of course it is a major component since a stadium is crucial, from what I have seen on TV and previous postings, there is not much that can be done to upgrade/renovate TD since also there is no room on the campus?
What about the corporate side as we know sponsorship is crucial. Has there ever been talk and I do not recall ever hearing same during the last Xibition game which was televised a few years back with the Cats and Argos, about an owner(s) stepping up?
I am afraid your city already appears to have three strikes against it.

You know what? if things were actually being done, rathar than people sitting around and talking about crap, itd be nice, find some guys who has the balls to run a franchise and is willing to sacrifice some to gain tons, find the guy some partners with balls to help infrastruct, find a city where the mayor isnt a completely narrow-minded insignificant human, make a public poll, and have it last about a month or two so people can think, and if all of this goes well, and the public agrees to it, START BUILDING!
And please dont make a 20,000 seat stadium... thats embaressing, something along 40,000 - 60,000 seats in a city like Quebec City which has what? probably 4 million people at least. Im pretty sure the stadium would sell out at least 90% of the seats, even if the team sucks the 1st couple of seasons, Quebec City is just an example, we can do that with Ottawa, perhaps London, although idk how big London is, and maybe a few other citys that have a high population. Lets get going and stop talking about crap like "what if"
If the CFL sits around any longer, its gunna be gobbled up by the NFL, and NHL, and it will lose a ton of fan support, and who knows? Maybe with 12 teams or so in the league and a few years down the road from establishing 12 teams, players might actually make more than 60,000$ a year (give or take), and some really good athletes might want to play in the CFL.

But hey, if we wana just sit around and do nothing and let our league deteriorate, then do so, and if you happen to do so, then honestly... your just another dissapointment

Honestly people... the people of some power need to take some intiative, and some risks, thats what a posistion in power is all about anyways, its not for sitting around and not using your power


I agree. Build something to be proud of. Not as nutty as the Skydome was, but something better then a bunch of aluminum poles holding up a bunch of wooden benches.

And ArgoTom.
Our mayor is Anne Marie Desico. She's been around for awhile. She doesn't know the first thing about sports. They built that garbage can called TD Waterhouse stadium, but outside of Mustangs football and highschool and elementary school track meets, its hardly ever used. It holds about 10,000 for football. Way too small for the CFL.

We also have a baseball field downtown called Labatts Park. Its been there for 100 years. They spent millions to upgrade the thing a few years back for a minor league baseball team we had here. Problem is nobody went to the games, and the team folded.
Labatts Park would be an ideal place for a football team. The London Lords drew big crowds (7,000) back in the60's. But like I say, this city has no movers and shakers.

And the sports media here is too worried about continuing the myth that London is a big baseball town, Which we aren't. Trying to find CFL news in the LOndon Free Press is next to impossible. The sports editor is Dave Langford. A big baseball guy who used to cover baseball for the Globe and Mail. We get three pages of baseball, and the CFL gets the backpages if any.

I wrote the Langford as to why they don't push for a CFL team for London, but no response.
These guys would rather us be in the Hillbilly AA baseball league then the CFL. Its a joke.

The above is a link to the wiki entry on the construction of the Jarry Park baseball stadium in Montreal, which had the Expos merely continued to play there instead of moving to the Big O, might well still be hosting Expos baseball today. The city of Montreal converted a 3,000 seat amateur baseball diamond into a 28,456 capacity baseball stadium that hosted MLB from 1969 to 1976. It had a peak capacity of 30,000 seats at one point during its usage as a baseball stadium. The conversion was decided on (not even yet begun) in August of 1968, yet ML baseball was played there on April 14, 1969.

I dont know what this conversion cost, but the city of Houston built Colt Stadium as a temporary home for the Colt .45's (who became the Astros when their intended permanent home, the Astrodome was opened in 1965.) Colt Stadium cost a mere 2,000,000 US dollars (admittedly in 1962, which would probably be at least 10-15 times that amount in todays dollars.) It seated 33,000 people and was dismantled and sold to Mexican interests in the 1970's. It was then re-assembled and is still in use today.

It too, like Jarry Park; was built virtually overnight, & at very low cost. Both are shining examples of what can - could be done very quickly & cheaply if the desire was strong enough in any given city to have a working football stadium erected so that said city could enjoy having its own team. A Stadium does not have to cost an inhumane amount to be servicable and useful. Perhaps fans here that have attended games at Jarry Park could comment on its effectiveness as a baseball stadium.

Fans in cities that dont have teams need to stop waiting for city or provincial or Federal government, stop waiting for big corporations or "angels" and start their own community groups. Get enough steam (voters that will vote their feelings on this issue) behind a grass roots community based effort to build a stadium for getting a team and you will find that you will start getting government help PDQ. At least... I know you would in the States. I find it hard to believe the dynamic could be THAT much different in Canada though maybe I am wrong. I think governments dont support the CFL because they think a majority will be opposed to such help for securing a team and a stadium. Its up to the fans to form a group and get momentum going and prove them wrong.

This is exactly right. There is absolutely no good reason why a strong community effort couldn't get stadium built, and own a team too for that matter. In Halifax however, it sounds as if the anti-stadium crowd makes more noise than those who support a stadium effort. This dooms Halifax to not having one for a very, very long time if ever. The same goes for any other city that can't muster enough grass roots support to drown out the nay sayers.

Actually, Labatt Park was built in 1877, making it 132 years old and the oldest baseball grounds in the world. And while it is a beautiful park for baseball it would take so much money to upgrade it for CFL football it wouldnt even be worthwhile. London needs either a new stadium or to expand TD Waterhouse Stadium (Where the Western mustangs play). It seats 8,000 but don’t forget it hosted a preseason CFL game back in 2002 in front of 18,000 fans.